7 Shows to Watch to Help Improve Your Health on Amazon Prime

7 Shows to Watch

Having the right kinds of nutrient-rich food is extremely important to remain healthy or transform your health for the better. For instance, you cannot expect to lose weight just by exercising. You’ll have to modify your diet and ensure that it includes all the essential nutrients to lose weight in a healthy manner. To educate the audience about the importance of food and nutrition, Amazon Prime has come up with a series of TV shows and documentaries. Having an Amazon Firestick will allow you to watch all those shows whenever you want. One of the biggest advantages of using Amazon Firestick is that it allows users to stream many channels on TV. However, there would still be some content that will remain geo-blocked on your IP address. To unlock those shows, you can simply use a Firestick VPN. This tool will allow you to watch all your favorite shows and series by letting you change your IP, therefore bypassing all geo-blocked content on Amazon Prime. With that being said, here are some of the 7 shows to watch on Amazon Prime that will help you to improve your health. 

1. Fed Up (2014)

The show is about the obesity epidemic in the United States and the role of the food industry in worsening the situation even further. As you’ll watch the show, you will learn how the powerful sugar and Agro-industry lobbyists in the country are stopping the government from bringing in meaningful food and nutrition laws to protect the health of US citizens. 

The film stars Katie Couric, Michelle Simon, and Bill Clinton. Do watch Fed Up if you want to know the reality of America’s food industry. 

2. GMO OMG (2013)

Indeed, the past decade has seen Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs become a familiar term for many households. However, still there are people who are unaware of its actual meaning and its effects on their overall health. The problem is that even scientists don’t have enough knowledge about the effects of exposure to GMOs. GMO OMG is about an individual’s quest to know all these unknowns. 

The show showcases the journey of filmmaker Jeremy Seifert to places like Norway, Paris, and Haiti to gather knowledge about the effects of GMOs on the well-being of our planet. He also explores the operations of Agri-biggie Monsanto during this quest. Anyone who wants to make the world a safer place for his/her children should watch GMO OMG. 

3. Vegucated (2011)

You should watch Vegucated if you have plans of becoming a vegan. The show is about three omnivores (played by Chloe Davis, Cody Tarlow, and Marisa Miller Wolfson) and their response to the challenge of staying away from dairy and meat for six weeks. 

Other than taking up the challenge, they also gather knowledge about the health benefits of going vegan and how the change can help people in losing weight. 

4. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)

Do watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead if you are looking to lose weight and want the right kind of motivation. Nothing can be more inspirational than watching someone lose a whopping 100 lbs. for people like you. This show in Amazon Prime does just that. 

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead tells the story of Joe Cross (he has co-directed and co-written the show and also featured in it as an actor) and narrates how he used self-healing to regain health. Joe not only regains his own health but also inspires a morbidly obese truck driver Phil Staples in losing weight and becoming a much healthier version of himself. 

5. Hungry for Change (2012)

Obesity is the biggest pandemic for the people in the United States. Companies make the most of the situation by launching foods and supplements that promise to provide nutritional benefits to the users but end up making them addicted to those products. (sunwisecapital.com) Hungry for Change, a show starring Nick Bolton, Mike Adams, and more, will help you to understand why you shouldn’t trust the American diet industry. 

The show exposes dirty secrets of the weight loss and diet industry of the country and reveals the deceptive strategies adopted by companies to make users come back to them again and again. Do watch it if you have plans to invest in weight loss supplements.  

6. King Corn (2007)

King Corn will allow you to witness the journey of two college friends Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney, who travels to the hub to learn about the actual source of their food. The facts they come across raise disturbing questions regarding the quality of food we eat and the farming method we adopt. 

The show is directed by Aaron Wolf and has Dawn Cheney, Earl L. Butz, Bob Bledsoe, etc. as actors. If you care about your and your family’s health, this show is a must-watch for you. 

7. Food Fight (2008)

Food Fight features interviews of people belonging to different professions such as chefs, farmers, activities, politicians, and more. The discussions reveal how our eating habits and overall food system have changed over time. It also shows that currently, our eating culture is undergoing changes that would be beneficial for us. You’ll also get to know how the California food movement helped in promoting organic foods. 

The show stars people like Marion Nestle, Alice Waters, and more and is a must-watch for every conscious eater. 


One of the easiest ways of learning about food and nutrition is by watching popular shows on Amazon Prime. The knowledge you’ll gather will help you to make the right food choices for you and your family members. 





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