7 Tips for Staying Healthy While in College


Regular movement, proper nutrition, and enjoying relaxing time are ways to keep yourself focused and energized during college. In a word, staying healthy while in college is a lot simpler than it might seem. Also, the good news is that it’s never too late to start a healthier lifestyle from scratch and enjoy its benefits. The tips presented in this article are here to remind you that healthy habits help you maximize your productivity and attain top-level results in college.

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1 –  An active lifestyle is the first step to staying healthy while in college 

It’s impossible to speak about a healthy lifestyle in college without mentioning exercise, mainly cardio. If your college includes a gym, go make the most of it! It would be even better to have basketball and soccer courts, weekend hiking tours, etc. In case you’re not  a fan of gym workouts, you can enjoy other activities that won’t cost you a bunch:

  • Rope jumping is arguably the best tool for a cardio workout that engages almost 90% of your muscles. High-intensity 10-minute jump rope workout burns more calories than a 30-min of running.
  • Jogging is a great way to exercise in a company of a friend. You’ll get the best effects in the morning or in the evening after a long day of classes and studying. Just make sure to complete your workout at least 2 hours before bed.

Regular sweating on the court or in the gym increases blood flow and prevents brain fog. As a result, you have more clarity, focus, and energy for upcoming lectures. Your studying becomes way more effective as a result. 

2 – Make sure to eat well

You’ve probably heard over and over how important it is to eat well. However, it doesn’t mean you should go paleo and ditch your favorite snacks altogether. Balance is the key. The chocolate bar makes you happy, just like protein and fiber-rich food builds your muscles. So, don’t be afraid to allow yourself some chocolate bar. Also, don’t be lazy to try out new recipes and upgrade your cooking skills. Start with simple breakfasts and pick-me-up snacks, then proceed to more complex meals. 

Groceries to have in a cabinet/refrigerator:

  • Veggies – they keep you satiated and support your fitness goals big time.
  • Fruits – opt for fruits with a low glycemic index, like green apples.
  • Nuts or almonds – perfect snacks to have during a long-term study session. 
  • Dark chocolate – a tasty and rich source of magnesium.
  • Yogurt – a healthy source of calcium and an ideal ingredient for post-workout smoothies.

3 – Hydrate every day

Students tend to forget about regular water intake due to tight schedules, stress, and other factors. It further leads to dehydration, lack of focus, and messed sleep schedule. Don’t let this happen to you. Install a free water intake tracking application, or set a few alarms on your smartphone to remind you to drink water. Buy a 0.5L Thermo bottle and have it by your side during lectures and study sessions. Hydration is immensely important to your well-being.

4 – Watch your caffeine intake

Caffeine is the best study pal for almost every college student out there. While a cup of coffee (or two) can benefit your cognitive processes, too much caffeine can make you jittery, anxious, and moody. High levels of caffeine in your system won’t let you sleep and will additionally boost stress levels. That being said, be mindful of the caffeine you intake daily. 

5 –  Make time for entertainment

You must be wondering what entertainment has to do with staying healthy. Well, you definitely won’t spend every waking hour studying. Entertainment – whether hanging out with friends, gaming, reading, etc. – is what keeps burnout away. So, make sure to plan your time wisely and skip the night outs only during your finals week when you need to focus all your efforts on studying. 

6 – Keep your living place clean and tidy 

It’s not the end of the world if your room gets messy once in a blue moon. On the other hand, spending time in a cluttered and dirty environment for too long can mess with your grades. Studies show that those living in a mess have difficulty focusing on their daily tasks. Others who make their bed and clean their desk the first time in the morning do their work faster, with more focus. Think about storing items you don’t often use, which only clutter the place. Experts at Excalibur Moving and Storage suggest you consider some on-campus storage options or rent an off-campus storage unit.

Maintain hygiene in your dorm room as often as possible. Speak with your roommate and agree on a schedule you’ll stick to. Determine one day in a week when you’ll completely clean your room, top to bottom. Until then, do your best to keep it clutter and dust-free. 

7- Pull an all-nighter only if you must

The majority of the entire college population in the US admits to resorting to all-night study sessions on multiple occasions. However, study nights with an extra boost from energy drinks and numerous cups of coffee won’t do you any service long-term. Unless you really, really have to, stay away from all-nighters. Choose it only as a last resort. 

All-nighters are sometimes necessary, especially if you need extra time for your project. In that case, make sure to complete all duties that require more brain power and creativity. After that, proceed to easier tasks. This is one of the best ways to prepare for quizzes and exams.

Minimize stress levels by staying organized

Rest assured, staying healthy while in college is a lot easier when you learn how to manage stress levels. Of course, stress is inevitable due to a long list of responsibilities, classes, and other duties. However, proper organization and discipline will keep stress levels low at all times. So, better take hold of your time as soon as you get your class schedule. You’ll feel a lot more at ease by doing so.


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