5 Paintball Accessories Every Player Needs

Paintball Accessories

Did you know that the paintball gun was originally invented for marking cattle and trees?

Ever since the first game of paintball back in 1981, though, you’re far more likely to see groups of friends using these paint-filled markers than ranchers or foresters.

But what other gear do you need for a day at the paintball range? Let’s take a look at the five must-have paintball accessories!

1. Paintball Gun

A paintball gun or marker is an obvious essential for playing paintball. Unless, of course, you plan on being everyone else’s target! While there are many types of paintball guns, they all come down to three main action modes: pump, mechanic, and electric.

Most paintball tips recommend starting off with something like the Tippmann Stormer Basic semi-automatic paintball gun, although this marker offers lots of scope for add-ons once you get a feel for the game.

2. Thermal Lens Mask

Another vital part of your paintball gear is a mask. As you’ll see if you check it out here, there are a lot of different coverage levels from simple goggles to full-head protection.

But, it’s important to remember that a good quality paintball mask will also enable you to see your enemies coming. Look for a thermal lens mask complete with a dual-pane lens. This technology reduces fogging and offers you clearer vision than many regular goggles, which tend to steam up as soon as you start running around the paintball range.

3. Paintballs

You can’t play paintball without the paintballs themselves! These paint-filled gelatin bubbles should be soft enough to splatter your target on impact but sturdy enough to avoid breaking before being fired.

Although you might think all paintballs are the same, skimping on these is a big mistake. Not least because low-quality paintballs tend to explode at random, making even sharpshooters look like amateurs.

4. Hopper

A hopper is the container that holds your paintballs. Your budget and preferences will determine whether you want to go for a gravity-fed hopper or an electronic version.

Gravity-fed hoppers are more affordable but they only feed 10-12 paintballs per second. Electronic hoppers, in contrast, feed as many as 20 paintballs per second. In general, if you have an electronic paintball marker, an electronic hopper is a must. But for pump and mechanical markers, a gravity-fed hopper is fine.

5. Tactical Vest

Trigger-happy paintball players aren’t the only ones who’ll need to refill their hopper during play. This necessity makes it extra important to choose the right pod holder for your extra paint supplies while you’re out on the paintball range.

Many people agree that tactical vests are the best option as they offer tons of storage and double up as added protection against hits to your torso.

Must-Have Paintball Accessories

As this list shows, even beginners will need a lot more paintball accessories than most people realize.

But, by stocking up on the right paintball gear, you’re sure to enjoy a safe yet exhilarating game of paintball from your very first time on the range.

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