5 Must-Go-To Places to Visit in Gatlinburg


Gatlinburg is a gorgeous southern town located in Sevier County. It is a beautiful place for a solo, friends, or family trip. There are many things you can do here with your loved ones. It offers something for everyone, so there is no chance of you ever getting bored here. 

It is at the border of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, a stunning landmark in its own right. With more than 10 million visitors annually, the park is the most visited in the United States. It often leads to the tourist hustle and bustle in the city. 

It is home to some of the biggest tourist attractions in the Southeast. With so many places to explore, it will become hard for you to narrow down the best places in the vicinity. 

We will help you shortlist the top 5 must-go-to places in Gatlinburg so you can add them to your travel itinerary. So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

  • The Ripley’s Aquarium

Are you a fan of marine life? Do you like the vibrancy of it? Well, USA Today has voted Gatlinburg’s Ripley’s Aquarium as the best aquarium in America.

It is conveniently located in downtown Gatlinburg where you can access it easily. If you are staying at a lodge downtown, most tourist attractions like this aquarium will only be a short drive away. 

The aquarium is full of interactive exhibits that guarantee you a fun time here. It isn’t your typical aquarium. It has a penguin encounter where you can interact with those furry little features. It also has a splash with a stingrays section and a turtle-time section. 

The lower level of the aquarium has an exotic coral reef, a gallery of the seas, and a discovery center. You’ll see a shark lagoon and an ocean realm on the upper level, among other sites. There are over 10,000 different marine creatures here. All these are guaranteed to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

  • Anakeesta

Gatlinburg is widely loved for its resort-like site, gorgeous mountains, and ice-covered peaks, and relaxing landscape. People come from far and wide to unwind from urban life and explore the wilderness here.

If you are an adventure fanatic, Anakeesta should definitely be a pitstop in your travel itinerary. You will experience an adrenaline rush and adventurousness in all its glory here. The fresh, crisp air will help you relax and enjoy the stunning view that the Smokys present. 

You can choose from and indulge in dozens of listed activities. There are many options, so select whichever excites you the most. These activities will probably last hours; before you know it, the day will be over. There is a gondola ride, dueling zipline, treehouse village, rail runner, gem mining, and much more. However, remember that these activities aren’t for the faint-hearted. 

If you are only at Anakeesta to relax and enjoy the serenity that the mountains bring, you can dine at the Cliff Top Grill & Bar and enjoy a hearty meal. If you are an avid shopper, you can go to the Great Outdoors Trading Company or the souvenir shop. 

We recommend dedicating an entire day to this gorgeous tourist attraction if you want to enjoy it at full capacity.

  • Ober Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg’s Ober Gatlinburg is a unique ski resort and theme park. It provides year-round tourist attractions such as the alpine slide, ski tracks, and a 20-minute chairlift. Additionally, there is a kid-friendly mini golf course and Kiddie Land.

The Ski Mountain Coaster can be used to tour the resort. Additionally, the resort offers its guests seven dining establishments and a multi-level mall with fifteen shops.

In the resort, you can also view a wildlife interaction area where river otters, black bears, and bobcats can be spotted in their natural surroundings. A quick walk leads up to the alpine meadows, wildflowers, and Mount Harrison lookouts.

  • The Village

The Village is one of the most visited places in Gatlinburg due to its unique structure and value proposition for its visitors. Visitors can shop from and enjoy 27 unique shops and eateries in a European-village-themed atmosphere. 

They are often described with praise across the State. They offer visitors a rare experience to indulge in village-themed shopping and explore country life. 

They will most likely be one of your most memorable shopping experiences. The ornamentation of the Village will take you back to the Golden Period of European history and its quaint village life. 

You can shop for everything from clothing to decoration pieces to food items. It is also a great place for getting souvenirs for your friends and family back home. 

  • Hollywood Star Cars Museum

The Hollywood Star Cars Museum initially opened in 1996 and has a collection of Television, Movie, and Celebrity owned automobiles. It is situated in the center of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and is encircled by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Hollywood Star Cars Museum should be visited if you like car shows. It is a wonderful museum that is situated along the Gatlinburg Strip. The Fast and the Furious, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Days of Thunder are just a few well-known films that have their cars featured here. These add up to 45 different cars that have a cinematic legacy of their own.

It also features the iconic Batmobile from Batman Returns from 1992 and the 1960s TV series. Several automobiles on display belonged to James Dean, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, and Elvis Presley.

Bottom Line

Gatlinburg is one of the top tourist destinations in Tennessee. It is often the first choice for many visitors when they visit the Volunteer State. With so many attractions and fun activities waiting for you, it shouldn’t be hard to choose this Appalachian wonderland as your next vacation getaway. 

The Ripley’s Aquarium, Anakeesta, Ober Gatlinburg, The Village, and The Gatlinburg Space Needle are some of the most visited places in the city. If you go to Gatlinburg, keep these at the top of your travel itinerary.



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