4 tips to fight boredom in your relationship


Relationships all have their highs and lows. The lows might mean a lacklustre phase between your partner and you. Boredom may be nothing alarming, as couples cannot be sunshine and rainbows at all times. Still, if you miss the butterfly in your stomach, there are ways to rekindle the fire by shaking up your routine. So, are you ready to spruce things up? Here are four fun ways to fend off boredom.

Indulge in each other’s passion

Your significant other invites his pals over to watch football every other night. You are more into movie nights with your friends. Having varying interests is perfectly fair to keep a balance in your personal life and enjoy the company of different social circles. But if these separate hobbies never intersect, they will take you further and further away from each other. 

Sure, you might never fully understand the appeal of a bunch of guys running after a ball. And your loved one may never see the big deal with the best rom-coms of all time. Yet, sharing your partner’s passion is a sure way to bring you closer together. (Ar15discounts.com) While it takes effort and compromises, you will get to see a different side of your partner. And new hobbies you can both enjoy might even sprout from partaking in one another’s favourite occupations. 

Do something exciting together

A good thrill is the perfect means to bring back the sparks in your relationship. And as a blood-tingling adrenaline rush is best shared, there are plenty of adventurous activities to go through as a couple. 

So, why don’t you jump out of a plane in tandem? You could even take off on a plane together or go bungee-jumping off a bridge. If you deem these activities too risky, you might settle for less hair-raising experiences like rafting, scuba diving, and wind-surfing. No matter what you choose, the excitement of living life to the fullest together will help you bond as a couple. 

Learn something new

Discovering each other’s interests is a step in the right direction to better understanding one another. But what if you went the extra mile and learned something brand-new together? Researchers have shown that lack of novelty was a significant factor in boredom within a relationship. Incidentally, sharing stimulating activities will give you a positive push. 

You could enrol in a cooking class, join a drama club, or try your hands at gardening. Learning a foreign language might be just as challenging. You can either download a language learning app or start crash courses at a language school. And once you feel confident enough, why don’t you pack your bags and go on a romantic trip to hone your skills?

Tick an item off your bucket list

Every couple has their routine. You often hit the same restaurant, shop at the same stores, and travel to the same spot. And there is nothing wrong with habits, as long as you spice things up now and then. Thus, grab a pen and jot down some ideas for a bucket list where each of you gets a say. Then, make the most of a meaningful date, such as your anniversary, to check off your bucket list items one at a time. 

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Conflating comfort with boredom may be tricky in a long-term relationship. But if you step back and realise something is lacking in your love life, it is best to act on it before letting the relationship go sour. And if things have long spiralled out of control, couple counselling could give you the much-needed drive to revitalise your relationship altogether. 





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