4 Reasons Why You Should Use PDFBear

Use PDFBear

Have you ever had problems managing your Use PDFBear files? And have you also wondered why it is the most usable file? Well, that is because it is conveniently smaller in size compared to other file formats, and can be opened to almost all types of devices, even your smartphone! Most devices nowadays have pre-installed Adobe programs configured for PDF files. 

PDF or portable document format is highly recommended to be used in offices in today’s modern generation. Since everything is digital, the files we keep and use are mostly on our computers, tablets, or cellular devices. It is convenient, efficient, and more accessible, especially to access your file anytime, anywhere. (englishstudypage.com)  

PDFs are naturally less modifiable since its primary purpose is for reviewing only and not editing. But we cannot avoid these instances wherein we have to make modifications in our PDF files. Is that even possible? If it is, how much is it? Fortunately, we have a free online PDF converter that can provide all the services you need in managing your PDF files: The PDFBear

Efficient Use PDFBear Converter Tool

For instance, you have a PDF file that you need to edit due to technical errors; of course, a PDF cannot be edited without the appropriate tool. PDFBear is a user-friendly converter tool that you can use for this kind of situation. Just visit PDFBear.com, and select the type of file that you want to convert. Again, this is a free PDF converter tool that everyone can use. 

The conversion steps are pretty simple: Drag your file that needs conversion to the PDF converter tool of PDFBear, click convert, a few moments after your file will be ready for download. See? Easy as 1-2-3. PDFBear can convert files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many more. You can also upload these files and convert them to PDF using PDFBear. 

Effectively Squeeze Your Files’ Size

Sending loaded reports via webmail is somewhat challenging, given that webmails can only cater to a limited number of files. Nowadays, you rarely submit printed reports, especially if you are working online. It is practical to convert your files to PDF for this concern using the same process as mentioned above. 

But there are cases wherein even PDFs are carrying too much content and end up being a large-sized file; how do we manage these? PDFBear also has the Compress tool wherein you can effectively squeeze your files’ size without compromising its quality. Just select the file you need to compress, choose the available options, and the compression will commence!

Easy To Use PDFBear Split

PDFBear also has the PDF Split feature, wherein you can individually separate your PDF pages depending on what you need. While separating your files online, PDFBear has a good set of security features to keep your files safe and protected during the process. PDFBear is efficient and safe at the same time. 

Maintains Proper Confidentiality

Working in corporate industries sometimes requires you to keep your files confidential, or even in your personal businesses. Converting your files to PDF is highly recommended since it has this distinct feature of good security. In addition, PDFBear also offers another service that can be of very good help in these kinds of cases.

You can protect your PDF with an encrypted password. PDFBear also has a modern and sophisticated 256-bit security system that can assure you that your files will be totally secured and maintain its confidentiality. 


Are your PDF problems solved? Thanks to PDFBear, managing, and converting our files became a lot easier. The use of PDFs always has a variety of purposes depending on your wants and needs; utilizing them is the best way to effectively organize your records and transmit them faster to your desired destination.


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