3 PDF Bear Tools That You Need to Use Today

PDF Bear Tools

There are times that it is difficult to manage your PDF files, but if you have the best tools, there will be no problem. It’s handy to use PDF Bear Tools, and users can utilize it to split, merge, convert, unlock, protect, repair, or compress their PDFs. If you don’t know how to use its tools, this guide can help you with that.

Merge PDF

The first handly tool on this list is the PDF merging tool. You have countless advantages when using PDF Bear because after combining your PDF files; you are still allowed to split, convert, compress, or protect your PDF files. With the merge PDF tool, merging different PDFs into a PDF is straightforward, and individuals can execute it in less than 10 seconds.

If you want a convenient and hassle-free method to merge PDF files, this platform will do the job for you. PDF Bear can efficiently and hastily merge your files to a PDF file. The process that it gives is quite simple to follow, and people can convert their files in seconds. After that, you can now save or share the merged file. Here are simple steps on how to do a PDF merge:

  1. Select and upload the PDFs that you have to merge using the tool.
  2. PDF Bear’s system will start analyzing and uploading your files.
  3. After altering your files, tap Combine to start the process.
  4. Start downloading and sharing the merged version of your PDFs.


Saving your HTML data and showing it to many people might be difficult sometimes. With the online converter of PDF Bear, you only need to place the URL or HTML documents, and its system will automatically convert them.

The HTML to a PDF conversion tool of PDF Bear can give an easy procedure to convert your data in a few clicks. PDF Bear is capable of converting your HTML file to a PDF without risking or compromising the quality. Here’s how you can do the simple process:

  1. Choose the HTML data or paste the URL.
  2. The conversion tool will start converting your document.
  3. The conversion process will be done soon.
  4. The converted document is ready to save, download, or share.

Split PDF

PDF Bear’s split PDF tool can help users separate data or even extract some pages and turn them into a new PDF file. Users can create new PDFs from the original PDF files. If you use the split PDF tool, there are a couple of functions to remember. Users can extract some pages from the source document or split their PDF files into different pages. Follow the steps below for the process:

  1. Drag or pick the PDF file your want to split.
  2. By clicking the pages, you can choose those pages you wish to split from its original file.
  3. After selecting your desired pages, press those pages to refine and transform them into separate PDFs.
  4. The new PDF is now ready for download.


With PDF Bear tools, you can quickly and conveniently compress, merge, split, or convert your PDFs without spending a dime. It’s safe and secure to use, and you can smoothly perform the instructions its features will provide.


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