Why Should You Look for an Apoquel Natural Alternative to Treat Allergies in Dogs?

Apoquel Natural Alternative

Has your dog been continuously itching and scratching itself? Do you see symptoms like redness and rashes? Allergies are one of the common concerns faced by pet parents all over. Apoquel is a drug prescribed to treat the symptoms of allergies. But if you do not want to fill your dog’s body with immunosuppressants by using products like apoquel natural alternative treatments can be a better option.

According to a report, in 2020, there was about a 58.7% increase, compared to 2019, in skin allergies among pets. 

What is Apoquel?

Apoquel is one of the common medications prescribed to treat itching in dogs. Skin allergies could be a result of food sensitivities, environmental factors, or infections. The symptoms may be seasonal or turn chronic for some dogs, requiring lifelong treatment.

Seeing your pet in discomfort, you naturally want to help them get relief from constant itching. The drug claims to relieve the symptoms in a period of 4 to 24 hours. The drug does the work but by suppressing your dog’s immune system and thereby stopping the symptom. Thus, the root cause is left untreated. 

Thus, you should know how apoquel works and what health concerns you are exposing your pet to. 

Why You Should Look for an Alternative to Apoquel

Janus Kinase or JAK compounds in the body are responsible for the optimal functioning of immune cells, controlling inflammation, enabling cell growth, and destroying and preventing tumors. Apoquel works by turning down the function of the JAK receptors.

So, your dog stops itching because its immune system is dialed down and not because the root ailment is treated. With their natural defenses left down, your pet is susceptible to other diseases. Their body is not capable of recognizing and fighting off foreign viruses and bacteria. If your dog suffers from chronic itching, keeping their immune systems suppressed is not an approach you can rely on in the long run.

Apoquel could have a range of side effects like

  • Bacterial infection of the urinary tract
  • Chronic GI upset
  • Ear canal and skin infections

Poor gut health could affect your dog’s physical and mental health. Even if you are feeding them the best possible food, their body will not absorb the nutrients. (https://jldancecenter.com/) As a result, your pet could face bowel disorders, digestive issues, diabetes, which will affect their mental state.

Also, dogs are at a higher risk for developing cancerous conditions. 

CBD: A Natural Apoquel Alternative

CBD is a natural alternative that you can use for the long term without worrying about harmful side effects. Full-spectrum CBD products work towards improving cell communication and restoring balance in the body. In addition, these products have anti-inflammatory properties; they can soothe gut problems and provide a holistic and targeted approach for treating allergies.  

There are different CBD oils and salve options you can explore to treat allergies among dogs safely.

Apoquel is an immunosuppressant that treats itching in dogs but brings along a host of side effects. In the long run, the drug can do more harm than healing for your pet. However, if you feel the dog is uncomfortable with products like apoquel, natural alternative treatments are available in the market today. You could start by reading about CBD and how it can contribute to your pet’s quality of life.


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