What to Consider Before Buying an Air Filter

an Air Filter

The indoor air is polluted more than outdoor air, and we should strive to ensure it is pure because we spend most time indoors. Using an air filter reduces our risk of catching diseases, but it helps create healthier and cleaner air in your space. 

These filters help to maintain a clean environment by eliminating mold spores, pet dander, and ragweed. Let us dive right into what you should consider before buying a MERV 13 filter

  • What Size you Need

To pick the right air purifier for your wants, you must consider the room’s square room. Before buying these appliances, people with asthma or allergies should also consider the ACH rate. ACH means the number of times a purifier can filter the entire air volume per hour in the treatment space. 

Purifiers that clean space at least thrice per hour are ideal for asthmatic people. The four changes per hour also make sure the cleaner cleans the air thoroughly. 

  • Pick the Correct Filtration System 

All air cleaning occurs in the cleaner’s filters, and you will have purer air when using the right filter. Certain filters are perfect for eliminating pet dander, while others eliminate kitchen smoke effectively and other odors. Ionizers and UV lights also eliminate bacteria and dust particles effectively. 

Additionally, certain filtration technologies remove mold effectively but should be kept away from people with lung diseases. Few cleaners come along with pre-filters that aim to absorb significant contaminants from the air before entering the main compartment. 

It will help pick a filter with the proper filtration technology and consider your room’s air quality. 

  • Check the CADR and ACH Ratings 

ACH stands for air changes per hour and is a measurement of the cleaner’s efficiency. It means the number of times this purifier recirculates the air after cleaning a room area. A higher rating means you will easily access fresh air. 

ACH is greatly determined by your room size, and its rating will be low if you have a bigger room. It would help if you did not calculate this rating manually since many manufacturers define their device’s air changes per hour depending on different room sizes. (tgigreek.com) However, do not expect them to perform as advertised because they depend on the ideal testing conditions. 

Most cleaners have adjustable fan speeds that may or may not affect CADR ratings based on the filtration technology. 

  • Check Maintenance and Cleaning Cost

Depending on how often you clean the air purifier unit, you must include additional maintenance effort to prolong its longevity. Even though the cleaning frequency depends on the pollution rate, picking an easy-to-clean cleaner will make your life simpler. Also, long-lasting filters mean a low replacement cost. 

Filter replacement levels of about six months are ideal, but most cleaners have a replacement indicator that reminds you to replace them. 

Final Thoughts 

An air purifier is crucial for an improved home environment. It purifies the air and is available in different types. The above article has discussed factors you should consider before buying one. 



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