What do Cats Eat in the wild- Insights about their Eating Habits

what cats eat in the wild

If you feed a domestic feline, you are fortunate, as they will eat anything from their masters. It is indeed your responsibility to care about their eating habits and let them avoid toxic and unhealthy consumption of food and snakes. You may love your domestic cat as a pet, as you can feed them on vegetables-a perfect solution. But what about their wild counterparts? It is a natural concern that if a cat is left open in the wild, what is your feline friend likely to consume? In today’s post, we will dwell on the insights about what cats eat in the wild.

What do Cats Eat or Drink in the Wild- Let’s Look at their Eating Habits

What do Cats Eat or Drink in the Wild

Our feline friends behave quite differently whenever they are left in the open as compared to their domestic counterparts. By their very nature, cats are predators who have excellent hunting skills. Cats being carnivorous when in the wild can consume different varieties of food. For example, rabbits, rodents, and other such mammals become their quick prey. Cats in the wild don’t leave the flesh of big animals also. For example, cats also love to eat the flesh of lions, tigers, and other big animals. Let’s have a close look at what your furry friend can eat in the wild.

Cats Prey Wild Creatures:

We all know that these furry animals are excellent predators, and therefore, they love to survive on the flesh of these wild animals. No one can escape from their sight, be it birds, reptiles, rodents, or rats. Wild cats will consume whatever they see and catch. The answer to this wonderful query What do Cats Eat in the wild is that they love to feed on wild creatures.

Wild Cats Feed on Insects:

You will be surprised to know that domestic cats and wild cats require almost similar nutrients. However, while domestic cats can get a variety of food from their owner or master, wild cats survive mainly on flesh. Apart from eating rodents, they also love to feed on different insects say grasshoppers, butterflies, moths, caterpillars, etc.

Wild Cats Feed on Insects

Dead Animal’s Flesh or Carrion:

Wanna know what feline can consume in the wild? Apart from rodents, they love to feed on carrions or dead animals’ flesh. It is rich in protein and wild cats need enough protein to maintain their biological balance.

It is also important to understand that not every feral cat possesses the same eating habits. Their eating habits also vary according to different circumstances. For example, the availability of their prey say rabbits or rodents, the location of their habitat, and other factors such as their taste.


You will feel extremely surprised to know that wild cats also prey on fish. We would say that they would just love to prey on the flesh of fish as it is a rich source of protein and omega acids and it will give a boost to the diet of the cat.

The location also determines the food Habits:

The location of a particular cat also determines its feeding habits. For example, we know that being carnivorous, rodents are the primary choice for food. If we go further, we will find that rodents are not the primary choice for cats who are in Europe.

What do Cats Eat in the Wild- Do You find Wild Cats Comfortable with Veggies?

Cats are quite flexible in their eating habits. In the wild, they consume almost everything ranging from the flesh of rodents, rats, insects, mammals, etc. But a question triggers in the mind of cat lovers most often, do the cats consume veggies when in the wild or not? Well, by their very composition, a cat’s biological structure is not comfortable for consuming veggies. Because of their biological composition, whenever they consume flesh, they get multiple nutrients for themselves. But as against it whenever felines in the wild consume vegetables, they don’t get any nutrition from them. Sometimes, because of disturbed digestive bowls, they face difficulties because of eating vegetables. For example, their stomach may get disturbed.

Do Feral Cats & Pet Cats Exhibit Fooding Habits?

What do cats eat in the wild, and what do pet cats eat? These two different varieties of cats may exhibit different eating habits. But the fact is that cats are quite adaptable in their eating habits. Cats in the wild are quite opportunistic in their behaviour and they love to feed on whatever they get in the stray.

In the Nutshell:

With all the facts stated above, we can satiate our curiosity regarding what cats eat in the wild. Cats in the wild exhibit the behaviour of a carnivorous and therefore, they love to enjoy flesh as the major part of their diet. Apart from this, they sometimes also consume veggies but these will not provide any nutrients to them. Based on the eating behaviour of cats in the wild, we can say that they are carnivorous and mostly feed on flesh and carrions.


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