What Crystals Should Not Be In Your Bedroom?

In Your Bedroom


No guarantee combining all of the crystals’ restorative and magical powers will bring you nothing but good fortune. Gemstones, like magnets, may become very sensitive and selective about the things they are drawn to and the energies they resonate with. If you’re using the incorrect crystals in your home, you’re likely to experience a slew of harmful effects in every area of your life in your bedroom .

It’s not a good idea to have crystals in the bedroom if their energies are overlapping and clashing against each other. If you cohabit with someone else in the bedroom, it’s a good idea to test out their susceptibility to crystals first to see if your energies get along just fine and if the crystals in your room are suitable enough for the relationship you share with the other person.

To guide you in finding the suitable crystals to put in and avoid the ones that will bring bad fortune, take some pointers from this article.

First thing’s first, where is the ideal place for my crystals?

If you haven’t picked the suitable stones you want in your resting space, check out ZenandStone.com for further assistance. Right after, in the heart of your living area or your bedroom, is an excellent spot to put a crystal that you’ve chosen to help you with. 

According to Chinese philosophy, the earth element and your general well-being are linked to the center of a room. Arranging your stones in the center of your bedroom may be the best option if you’re trying to achieve inner harmony and balance in all areas of your life.

A mini-shack over your headboard or bedside table is the finest spot for your jewels if your bed is in the middle. It’s acceptable to go anywhere in this general vicinity.

Common stones with bad energy coordination

To avoid harmful impacts, you should not combine the following gems all in the same space.

  • Amethyst with Carnelian.
  • Sky Lace Agate stone with Red Sapphire.
  • Visible Quartz mixed with Aventurine Greens.
  • Stones that are connected with strong planets like Saturn and Venus
  • Gomed with cat’s eyes

Best of the best: Crystal’s edition.

The crystals that have the power to overwhelm the energy in a room and have a significant impact on the environment include the following:

  • Unclouded Quartz Rock crystal, another name for clear Quartz, is revered as a powerful healer and talisman.
  • Ruby. High energy rubies are considered the most potent gems in the cosmos.

Other strong stones include

  • Amethyst
  • Malachite
  • Aventurine
  • Citrine
  • Kunzite,

Amethyst: For people suffering from anxiety and insomnia

Amethyst is one of the most often recommended stones for alleviating anxiety. Difficulty sleeping and bad nightmares are often treated with this relaxing purple crystal, which may allow you to relax and sleep peacefully.

Quartz: For love to last

The southwest orientation of the bedroom is excellent since it symbolizes passion, love, and marriage. Arrange pure, unpolished, or untreated rose quartz stones in this direction.

Two rose quartz stones should be placed in the southwest quadrant of your room to draw radiant energy that will help to maintain and strengthen your intimate life.

Citrine: for general fortune and luck

When put in the area’s left-hand corner, Citrine may have a wide variety of positive benefits. Citrine is a powerful healer and prosperity promoter, but it also serves as a purifier, removing bad energy from the atmosphere.

Crystals have a cult following among many individuals. The placement of particular stones in your room and storing them beneath your mattress are all said to promote a decent night’s rest and radiate a sense of well-being. There are no scientific facts to back this up, but it’s probably safe to give it a go!


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