What Are The Key Things To Consider Before Training Your Body With Calisthenics?


Are you thinking of starting your calisthenics journey? If yes, you should know a few things about calisthenics that will make your journey easier. For all beginners out there, calisthenics is an amazing exercise form that solely relies on your body weight. 

We shall also cover all the main things that you should know prior to starting your calisthenics workout training. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

4 Key Lessons Before Starting Calisthenics

Bodyweight Is The Main Ingredient

One of the best things about calisthenics is that it leverages your body weight to grow your body strength. In the initial stage, you may find it difficult to perform the exercises, but gradually you will soon see the positive impact on your body. Moreover, you don’t need to invest in any equipment in the beginning to build a solid foundation for your body.

As you progress further, you can start learning the advanced variation and even add weight for progressive training for muscle growth. You can opt for the best calisthenics program to learn everything and create a custom routine for yourself.

Focus On The Range Of Motion

Range of motion is a critical aspect in the world of calisthenics. In the initial stage, you will not be able to get the complete range of motion as your body is not ready to accept the new movement. However, gradually, you will be able to get the complete range of motion from your shoulders and other joints which will help you perform all the other exercises properly.

Focus on it and try to include the exercises that allow you to improve your range of motion while training with calisthenics.

Calisthenics Will Take Time

You don’t have to feel demotivated while progressing further in your calisthenics fitness journey. Also, you don’t have to compare yourself with others. Every individual is different and has varying body strength. Focus on your own goals and stay consistent with your workout regime. Learn all the forms correctly and don’t cheat on yourself by performing sloppy reps during your workout.

With the correct technique, you will be able to squeeze the best results out of your calisthenics routine. Let your body get in tune with the exercises in calisthenics. Don’t rush to advanced movement in the initial stage of your training. You can join a beginner-friendly program with Calisthenics Worldwide to grow your body strength properly without risking any major injury to your body.

Prioritize On Elbow And Wrist Joints

When starting calisthenics, it’s crucial to prioritize elbow and wrist care. These joints are often under significant stress during exercises like push-ups, dips, and handstands. Begin with proper warm-up routines, incorporating wrist circles and gentle stretches to enhance flexibility. Gradually progress to more challenging movements to allow your joints to adapt. 

Maintain proper form, ensuring wrists are aligned, and elbows aren’t hyperextended. If you experience discomfort, listen to your body, and consider adjusting your technique or seeking professional guidance. Strengthening the surrounding muscles through targeted exercises can also provide added support. By nurturing your wrists and elbows, you lay a foundation for a sustainable and injury-free calisthenics journey.

Some Last Words

Calisthenics is a great journey that leads to a fit body with lean muscles. So, all you need to do is keep these things in mind when commencing your calisthenics workouts. Your body will thank you for the indefinite strength and endurance it gains in some time. Calisthenics offers a fulfilling path to a lean, strong physique. Remember to stay consistent and patient as you embark on your calisthenics journey, and your body will reward you with lasting strength and endurance gains.




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