8 Simple Ways to Get Affordable Adult Braces

get affordable adult braces

The global orthodontics industry was projected to rise to over 2 billion dollars in value by the year 2023.

2020’s COVID-19 pandemic will likely dampen that estimate. Still, industry experts are adamant that adult and children patients will continue to seek orthodontic services.

Among the many services orthodontics offer, braces are the most popular. Braces are a common fixture in children/tweens, but far fewer people over the age of 18 pursue affordable adult braces.

This is a shame because no matter your age, braces can have a positive impact on your life.

If you’ve balked in the past at the idea of braces being affordable and worth investing in, we invite you to keep reading. Below, our team breaks down several ways you can save money on braces and obtain the smile of your dreams!

How to Get Affordable Adult Braces

1. Get Insurance

A turn-key way to obtain affordable adult braces is to have your insurance foot a portion of your bill.

Most dental insurance providers do offer allowances for braces. Your orthodontist may need to let your insurer know that your braces are a “medical necessity,” so find out what your insurer requires.

Even when braces are covered as a medical necessity, insurance providers may only cover braces partially. Still, getting 50% (or more) off your braces can save you thousands of dollars.

2. Look For Seasonal Deals on Invisalign

One of the most popular adult braces treatments is Invisalign. Invisalign sends clear retainers to patients. These retainers are switched out every month and gradually move your teeth into place.

Most adults that use Invisalign can get steep discounts on treatments by buying into a package during holiday periods like Christmas and Easter. Keep your eyes peeled and when you find Invisalign being offered below market value, jump at the chance to save money on your smile.

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3. Ask About Financing

Whether you’re getting traditional bracket and wire braces or Invisalign, the business offering you treatment may have financing available. Financing is great in that it lets patients break up payments monthly which makes treatment more accessible.

Remember that most financing offers do carry interest. This will make your treatment more expensive than the advertised price, although the smaller monthly payments make this a popular option.

Work with your orthodontist’s billing department to understand how much you’ll end up paying them over the life of your financing arrangement. This will ensure you’re comfortable with the final figure.

4. Pay in Cash up Front

Not everyone can swing paying for affordable adult braces up-front, all at once. If you can though, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars.

Paying for braces without needing to take on any financing means avoiding interest payments and fees. Some treatment providers may also offer special discounts to cash buyers since these transactions are easier and more reliable for service providers to process.

5. Shop Around

Different orthodontists charge vastly different rates for services. This is particularly true when you’re buying the traditional bracket and wire braces.

To get the best price available in your area, interview a handful of orthodontists and have them pitch you their prices. After talking to three or four service professionals, you should have a sense of the local market.

With enough choices at your disposal, you should be able to secure a great deal.

6. Get the Family in on It

The more business you can bring an orthodontist, the better prices you can often secure on adult braces. So, if you have a family full of people that might benefit from straighter teeth, see if the business you’re engaging will cut you a group rate.

Sure, it’ll cost you more money overall to go this route since you’ll be buying three or four service packages rather than one. When you break down how much you’re paying per treatment though, getting braces in bulk will net you significant savings.

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7. Dip Into Your HSA

Many employers that offer benefits offer what’s called a health savings account (HSA). Health savings accounts are special tax-sheltered accounts you can deposit portions of your paycheck into. You’re then free to spend that money on medical needs.

By sheltering the cost of your braces in an HSA, you reduce your taxable income by that amount. This may drop you into a lower tax bracket, saving you thousands. Even if you don’t get dropped into a lower tax bracket, paying for affordable adult braces out of an HSA will at least save you however much in taxes would have been applied to that amount.

HSA ins and outs can get complicated. For more information on how best to understand your company’s policies, talk to your HR representative.

8. Ask for a Treatment Time Reduction

Adult braces can take anywhere from 12 to 36 months to strengthen teeth. If your orthodontist wants to charge you for 36 months’ worth of treatment, ask them if there’s a way they can get the work done more quickly and pass those labor savings onto you.

You’ll rarely get a positive answer, as most medical professionals want to get the job done right. However, you may find that some orthodontists have wiggle room on their treatment timelines, so never be afraid to ask!

Getting Affordable Adult Braces Is Easier Than You Think

We all want to feel our best when we smile. For most, investing in affordable adult braces is the best way to achieve that end.

The good news is that doing so is easier than you may think. Our team is hopeful that the tips we’ve shared will help you find ways to save money while getting that smile you’ve always wanted.

For more insight on all things beauty and health, dive deeper into the content on our blog.


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