Top Considerations When Leasing a Medical Office Space


The state of Washington presently owns and rents approximately 11 million square feet of office space, which serves over 43,000 workers, volunteers, and contractors around the state and represents a significant public investment.                                                                                                                                                                                  Flexibility in the workplace, scheduling, and mobility are becoming increasingly important to every office space. Setting up a medical office space requires serious consideration of some legal and professional factors. Good medical real estate brokers DC can help you get through the hassles of setting up your space easily. Here’s a quick run-through of what considerations top the list and add more clarity to this entire process of leasing a medical office space. 



While leasing a medical office space, you need to stick to the budget very strictly. Though the retail price (or rent) of office space is the most obvious indicator of its affordability, there are additional elements to consider that will boost real-estate costs. 

Perfect Location

As you move ahead with the medical real estate brokers in DC, mark the location they offer. As you plan to base your medical office in Washington DC, don’t choose a place on the outskirts. Instead, choose the central and prime areas. Ensure the place you choose is easily accessible to patients of every age group and health condition. 


A medical office is supposed to be well-equipped with wheelchair ramps, elevators, electronic doors, and other easily accessible tools. Check if the building has ADA compliance to meet the specific needs of your patients with disabilities. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that the medical office provides accessible bathroom facilities. Installing bathroom stalls from, designed with ADA-compliant features such as grab bars, adequate space, and accessible entryways, can greatly enhance the overall accessibility and comfort for patients with disabilities.

Spacious Parking

It’s a wise idea for a medical office to have a lot more parking space than a regular workplace. Experts believe that a medical office should have five parking spaces every thousand-unit of square area inside. Having a nearby pick-up and drop location will ease and help in a fast-moving place like Washington DC. 

Safety from Biohazards

Another obstacle for medical office space owners may be biohazards. Regardless of the medical practice type, the office will almost certainly create and dispose of biohazardous material. 

The office may need the installation of radiation-emitting gear, such as X-ray machines and CT scanners. Special shielding will be needed in such instances, and landlords may balk at the scale of such changes, especially as shielding improvements are rarely included in standard office space leases.

Accessibility After Hours

After the working hours, check whether you have access to the office. Ensure that the entire lease includes access conditions that are acceptable for the medical practice needs, how and to whom responsibility for utility expenses will be assigned. 

The Perfect Match

The considerations in your mind might vary as you look for the dream place for leasing out your medical office in Washington. Don’t disregard it. Rather, ask and clear your head and get done with it. 

Medical providers must hire good medical estate brokers in DC to help them identify the perfect location and evaluate and negotiate all of the terms and circumstances that will allow them to run their practice. 

A perfect match here can lead to a successful venture ahead for medical practitioners.


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