Tips for Using and Making Custom Lapel Pins

lapel pins

Do you need an accessory idea for your organization?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Many familiar accessories have interesting origins. Such is the case for lapel pins.

Like many accessories, scholars dispute the origin of these pins.

Some claim they were introduced in the late 1700s, while other historians credit Ancient Egypt for inventing the process behind lapel pins. A similar process is also credited to 13th-century China.

The first documented use of lapel pins dates back to the Revolutionary War. Pin use increased through subsequent wars and was eventually adopted by law enforcement, senators, activists, campaigners, and more.

Lapel pins are a great way to commemorate an event or draw attention to a cause. Customization goes one step further by letting you create a design that’s totally unique to your organization.

The final product is entirely up to you. You could even include historically relevant symbols in your pins!

Discover more tips and inspiration for your customized lapel pins.

What Does Your Lapel Pin Represent?

Every pin means something. Is your pin signifying a promotion, act of duty, rank, or milestone? Let the purpose behind the pin guide your design.

Suppose you’re a lifeguard captain. One of your lifeguards saved a swimmer from a dangerous riptide. You want to commemorate their act of courage, so you decide to create a special lapel pin.

First, start with the act itself. Since the lifeguard is being recognized for saving a life, a lifebuoy ring symbol would be appropriate.

Think about colors that symbolize courage. According to color theory, that would be red, followed by orange. Blue also represents trust and water, which complements orange and red. (Clonazepam)

Next, think about your pin’s shape.

You could always use a standard rectangular lapel pin. Why not create something more unique?

Since you’re gifting this pin to a lifeguard, you could customize a wave-shaped pin. A blue wave pin with an orange lifebuoy ring is an excellent way to celebrate courage.

Do you want to include a message on your lapel pin?

Lapel pins are pretty small, so you don’t have much room. However, it’s just enough room for a short Latin quote or aphorism.

You can apply this design template to more acts of service, as well as job promotions, group activities, sobriety milestones, and more.

Let’s take a look at a few more ideas.

How to Commemorate a Wellness Milestone

Lapel pins have endless possibilities. Why not create a pin to celebrate a health and wellness milestone?

Let’s go back to your design template from the first example.

Start with the milestone. In this example, you’re a wellness coach celebrating your client’s full year of clean eating.

Think about different symbols that represent the milestone. Since you’re celebrating clean eating, you could use a strawberry, pear, orange, or another vibrant piece of fruit. A stylized plate of food, lettuce, or a glass of green juice would work too.

Which colors would match the milestone?

Green represents organic living and holistic health. Blue also represents health, but you could use a cool turquoise shade in lieu of standard blue.

Orange represents courage, but it also represents determination. You want to encourage your client to meet their next goal, and that takes resolve.

Next, think about your shape. Do you want something simple like a circle or a more complex design like a fruit shape?

If you wish, you could include three to five words of encouragement.

Using Lapel Pins for Team Building

Lapel pins aren’t just for recognizing individual accomplishments. Use them to inspire teamwork at your organization.

One of the best examples of this practice is sports teams.

Pretend you’re the coach of your local little league team. A new season is right around the corner. You want to welcome new players and inspire teamwork from the start.

You decide that team lapel pins are the right option, but you’re stuck on a design.

Refer to your pin design template.

Start with the purpose of the pins. You want to inspire teamwork in your team. Which symbols would encourage a team of young players to work together?

Wolves represent teamwork because they’re pack animals. This symbol would be perfect if your team’s name is “the Springfield Wolves.” However, it works for any young sports team.

FindĀ inspiration in helping hands logos. Helping hands are depicted as crisscrossed hands, symbolizing teamwork and unity.

Instead of hands, you could design a lapel pin with crisscrossed baseball bats. Two crossed baseball bats would be a cool shape for your pin too.

Teamwork is best represented by the color yellow. Baseball bats have yellowish shades, which is perfect for a team-building lapel pin.

These ideas only scratch the surface. If you get stuck, look at creative resources for inspiration. Try Google images, browse ideas on, or watch tutorials on YouTube.

How to Wear Lapel Pins

You can wear lapel pins in several ways.

Are pins a part of your personal style?

Showcase your pins on your backpack, scarf, belt, jacket, or beanie. Bosses should take note. This is a great way to inspire company spirit and motivation in service workers.

Personal style is one thing. However, there are rules for military service members, law enforcement, and other roles.

You may have strict rules forĀ pin placement. You’re also limited to wearing certain types of pins.

These pins are frequently worn on sashes. One notable example of this tradition is the girl scouts. Scouts proudly display their achievements on their uniform sashes.

Are you a scout leader?

You can customize and order troop pins entirely online. Create a pin that’s totally unique to your scout troop!

Discover the Possibilities of Pins

Are you looking for a creative and thoughtful way to celebrate accomplishments and motivate teamwork?

Start customizing your own lapel pins!

Use this guide to generate a long list of ideas. Don’t forget to check out the blog for more inspiration.


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