Restoring Health and Wellness through Ancient Remedies

Restoring Health and Wellness

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most moms are ready to strangle someone by eight in the morning, dads on the verge of losing their composure, people going to work in a sleepy haze and sour mood. And this is only the beginning of a day that is yet to get unbearably cramped and busy on any given day of the year. Let’s see restoring health and wellness through ancient remedies.

We are hopelessly entangled in an endless loop of a fast-moving life. Besides, trading our peace of mind for unattainable luxury and comfort. While an idol’s mind is a devil’s playground, an overactive one is a cause of stress and exhaustion. You are possibly hitting all your goals but is your hectic schedule bringing you any happiness? Are you content with your lifestyle?

Google search indicates that about 90% of diseases are stress-induced. The ultra-modern lifestyle filled with GMOs, plastics, and artificially engineered substances bedazzle us with ease and comfort but take us away from nature. It is imperative to realize that popping a few pills now and then is not the solution. You don’t always need allopathic medicines, but lifestyle changes and closeness to nature. 

Keep on reading to find out how traditional medicines and remedies can help you break the monotony of the vicious cycle that you are stuck in.

  • Astrology for Wellness

Astrology has always interested many over the centuries and has been making its rounds and gaining popularity in recent times through vast expansion in technology. But how does astrology contribute to personal well-being? First, you need to understand astrology reading to incorporate it in your life and make it beneficial. 

Astrology is a pattern that links the astronomical position of the planets to the events happening on earth. Astrology dates back to centuries-old civilizations seeking astrological guidance for their day-to-day activities. They planned their harvests, migration activities, and marriages. Back in the day, sailors used stars movements for navigation. This technique is still heavily relied on in modern naval navigation systems.

Astrology has moved on from the idea of star-gazing for survival and peace. Social media platforms have taken a dramatic leap, particularly Twitter, with trending hashtags and celebrity posts.

The placement of the sun and the moon at your birth influences your personality development. Astrology argues that your birth charts can provide a deeper understanding of your personality, highlight the good and bad qualities and cater to any improvement.

Various and authentic apps and websites provide improvement and wellness guides based on your birth signs and daily horoscopes. Try it out even if you are a skeptic. Nature hardly ever disappoints.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Karate Kid has won various accolades for its beautiful portrayal of student-teacher dynamic and heart-warming carry-home messages. But do you remember Mr. Han, aka Jackie Chan healing Dre Parker’s injured leg with weird light bulbs before his final fight in the movie? That moment stood out because Mr. Han uses an ancient Chinese remedy- the cupping therapy for healing which fascinated the audience. And we all might have shed a tear or two at Dre’s struggle in the final battle with his injured leg. 

Ancient Chinese Medicine is not a deal of the past. It remains a popular treatment method for detox and body purification. Chinese medication is a culmination of natural herbs, massages, and therapies for healing and wellness. 

If you are on a journey to self-healing, we suggest you look into a few of these popular remedies to heal your worries away.

  • Acupuncturing- aka micro-needling. It involves inserting tiny needles on the superficial layer of skin and muscles at various acupuncture points on the body. The idea is to stimulate the central nervous system into releasing chemicals. These biochemicals then stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.
  • Cupping Therapy- We talked about this one above. The glass bulbs are warmed to remove oxygen and then placed on the skin to create a vacuum, which raises the skin in tiny bumps. A sharp jade stone comes in handy for scraping the treatment area, allowing the toxic blood to flow out.
  • Consume Traditional Herbs

Earth carries minerals and energy to calm your nerves. Herbs come from the same ground and plants and have a plethora of nutrients to erase mineral deficiencies. Herbs are the stem, leaves, root, or seeds. They are dried and consumed either directly or as power. You can ingest them for inward purification and can even apply them as a slave to heal injuries. The popular ayurvedic herbs include ginseng, cinnamon, turmeric, licorice, and rhubarb.

  • Meditation

The practice of meditation is a thousand years old. But how does aimlessly sitting in the quiet be beneficial when you can wrap up a million other things during that time? Meditation is effective in reducing stress, anxiety and improving focus. It aims to quieten your thoughts and get rid of all negative energies. The single-minded focus on natural surrounding calms down the blood pressure and lower stress levels. Boosts serotonin production to uplift your mood and mental wellness.

Achieve your health goals! 

Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of traditional remedies. After all, our ancestors thrived far better than us with limited medical knowledge. Rekindle your connection with nature for the serenity that eludes us today.


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