Is there a permanent solution for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction

Disorders or ailments are also of different variants. Some get cured easily without eating many drugs, some are a little tough they require more patience and care. But there is also another type such as diabetes mellitus, asthma, and others that have no permanent cure of erectile dysfunction but they can only be controlled to the extent that they do not act as an obstacle in your daily life. To control this externally insulin has to be injected to control the sugar levels. Also learning icp injection training may help you pave into a healthier sexual health.

But they cannot be completely eradicated from your life till your lifespan. For example, in diabetes mellitus the levels of insulin naturally produced becomes too less so the sugar levels rise. To control this externally insulin has to be injected to control the sugar levels.

Erectile Dysfunction

This goes on till one’s lifespan; whenever sugar level rises the patient has to take an insulin dose. With asthma similarly, the patient has to use an inhale whenever the patient experiences symptoms of asthma. 

But with Erectile Dysfunction the situation is not so worse and so good. It is somewhere in the middle, touching both sides equally. Few days of non-erection is normal and that does not guarantee whether you are suffering from ED.

With ED pills like Fildena 100, Cenforce 200, Vidalista from PowPills the ED can be cured but that is for one night only. Again, on the next day for satisfying sexual intercourse, you have to take another pill. For a permanent solution, one has to do some more sacrifices related to his personal life. 

Give up smoking completely

Earlier we warned about sacrificing some of the personal things and one such thing is to give up smoking. Smoking is one such addiction that not only harms the health of the person that takes it but also people around him. His family, colleagues, friends, and relatives all become vulnerable to the same ailments.

People have this notion that smoking only causes breathing problems but it affects sexual life also. Due to smoking, pollutants like carbon monoxide find a way to enter the body. It then extracts the oxygen from the blood required by the organs.

This reduces the effectiveness of organs hence the penis and the organs being deprived of blood and oxygen. Hence, the person gets stimulated sexually the blood is unable to reach the penis. This causes no erection or even if the erection occurs, it does not last till the sexual activity. 

Giving up smoking is not easy but instead but try is definitely an option always available. One can see the change in oneself after not smoking for few months. The body goes under complete change, blood circulation comes back to normal, breathing becomes easy and sexual performance also enhances. 

But it will take time with will test your patience; it will not happen in a single day. Or else keep taking Fildena, Cenforce, Vidalista Black 80 from PowPills.

Reducing the intake of alcohol for Erectile Dysfunction

With alcohol, if you can completely give up usage of alcohol that will be perfect but reducing the intake quantity is also effective. 

Alcohol is entirety is not harmful as smoking because when taken in small quantities the person feels relaxed and calm. This is because the activity in the brain is reduced by restricting the messages from other organs to the brain. The stress levels are reduced significantly and this helps the person getting better sleep.

The problem starts when the alcohol is taken in excess levels. Higher levels of intake directly attack the nervous system. The coordination between the nervous system and the organs is disturbed. This leads to insufficient blood reaching the penis during sexual stimulation. 

This in turn hampers the erection and results in a negligible erection. Similarly, like smoking, alcohol is an addiction, and controlling it is difficult. But for the sake of a happy sexual life, one has to do some sacrifices. 

Eat healthy and short meals

For a healthy life, one should take a balanced diet. This we have been studying since our childhood but how many of us really follow that. (best mail order pharmacy canada)  

Ideally, the diet of a software engineer and a labourer should differ because one requires more use of physical strength whereas another one requires mental and technical skills. So, the food which they take should also different. 

But what happens, in reality, is that teachers, lawyers, labourers, scientists all have the same food. Then how can we expect all of them to work to their full potential?

Instead of overeating in a single meal, we should take short meals after few hours. Nowadays junk foods have become staple food resulting in obesity which itself is a reason for Erectile Dysfunction.


Hence, to cure ED permanently apart from taking Fildena, Cenforce 200, Vidalista from PowPills one has to make changes to his lifestyle by following the above steps. 

There are other steps also such as doing yoga and meditation regularly has been found beneficial in enhancing the blood circulation which then helps in maintaining the erection for long durations. 


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