How to Take CBD Oils the Right Way

how to take cbd oils

10 percent of Americans between 18 to 44 years take CBD products.

CBD oil might not be in the front line for top medical options. However, health experts believe that the right dosage for this natural product can reduce inflammation and ease the symptoms of other illnesses.

You should only take it in the right form for best results, under your doctors’ prescriptions. Your doctor should also prescribe the right way to take it, considering that CBD oil comes in many forms.

This guide will discuss how to take CBD oils the right way. Read on to know the best CBD consumption method suited for your needs.

Inhaling (Vaping or Smoking)

Most CBD oils users use the inhalation method. It is the fastest method for delivering the product to the body because it goes directly to the bloodstream and lungs. You can inhale CBD oil through smoking or vaping.


You can smoke the CBD oil concentrate by heating it. To heat it, you will need an oil pipe that resembles the normal water pipe. The tube can be of any size, according to your special needs.

Heat the pipe’s tip for a few minutes, and then transfer it to another container with the oil rig. A CBD smoke will be produced which you can smoke directly in a portable dab pen.

Smoking is a great intake method for people who want to inhale the highest percentage for CBD oil. Also, you can easily control the amount of oil you take by this method.

The only drawback of smoking is that you might take extremely high concentrated CBD oil and get more psychoactive effects. You might also damage your breathing system, and that’s why you should not smoke every time.


You can also vape the CBD oil, although you need the right vaping kit. The kit consists of the disposable CBD vape pens, CBD pods, CBD oil cartridges, and the refillable vape pens.

Before you vape, read the vaping manual well which comes with the vaping kit. If you are using the CBD pod, you will need to connect it to a JUUF battery before you start taking the puffs. The puffs are strong; hence, you should wait for at least 25 seconds before you vape again.

If you use the CBD pen, it will be imperative to connect it to the coil in the kit and wait for it to saturate for 15 minutes before you start to vape.

Like smoking, vaping is an ideal CBD consumption method for people who need a high CBD oil concentration. However, vaping is more costly, considering that you should buy the vaping kit and the CBD oil itself.

Edible Intakes

Edibles come in the form of chocolate bars, drinks, bread, snacks, and much more. The people who take CBD oils through the edibles infuse the food products with the hemp products.

Most of the products are also soluble in water, which means that you can take them in different methods. Nevertheless, both the soluble and insoluble edibles get into your bloodstream after the digestion process.

Induced CBD oil edibles are healthier compared to inhalation. They can also provide a long-lasting effect, mainly if you infuse them on your edibles for an extended period.

On the downside, it might be hard to get the right dosage to add to your food. You may also take up to four hours before you experience the effects, which means that you cannot rely on them for immediate results.

Topical Application

Doctors prescribe the skin application method for acne, itchy rashes, muscle pains, and joint swellings. Topical application can also work well for inflammation, eczema, bacterial infections, neck pains, nerve pains, body swellings, and other skin problems.

The topical CBD oil comes in the form of creams or body lotions. You can apply it directly to your skin to reduce migraines and reduce the pain.

The main benefits of topical applications include an easy application process and mild side effects. The method is also cost-effective considering that you don’t need to buy any kit. On the downside, topical applications may not provide a long-lasting solution than the other intake methods.


Sublingual intake is similar to the edibles CBD oil intake method. The only difference is that you don’t chew them.

A great example of the sublingual delivery is the CBD tincture, which you should place under the tongue for a certain period. The doctor instructs you on the number of drops to place under the tongue, and the period you will take before you swallow.

The sublingual intake works well for people who would like to consume CBD oil in discreet. You can control the amount of the CBD oil you take, and most importantly, you don’t require any intake kit besides the CBD oil tincture.

The only drawback of this method is that some CBD oil tinctures may contain alcohol. Therefore, you should be keen on the supplier you get your product from.

CBD Dosage: How to Take CBD Oils the Right Way

The CBD industry is still new, and most of the information related to dosage is still under research. Therefore, it can be confusing for both the new and regular CBD users to determine the right dosage needs.

That’s why it is advisable to take the CBD oil according to your doctor’s advice. Before they prescribe, the doctors check your weight, age, the severity of the condition under treatment, and the CBD concentration.

So, observe the following things if you are first time CBD oil user:

Understand your weight– the dosage should be 1 to 6mg for everyone’s body pound.

Start small and increase your intake gradually– this way, you will watch your body’s reaction to the CBD product.

Consult your physician– do not take CBD oil products without seeking expert advice.

Lastly, ensure that you buy your CBD oil product from a reputable supplier. The seller should have a valid license and other certifications for the CBD oil supply.

Make an Informed Decision

There’s no doubt that CBD oil can relieve you from inflammation and other illnesses’ side effects.

It can also boost your moods, and alleviate you from the symptoms of depression. However, you should understand how to take CBD oils in the right way, to enjoy the most benefits. Find out the correct information regarding its usage and dosage to make an informed decision.

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