How To Select The Perfect Patio Door Curtains


It is important to get drapes that are proportionate to the size of your patio doors, regardless of the size of those doors. If you choose curtains that are either too large or too tiny for the space, they will not only give you an unattractive appearance but also fail to meet your requirements for privacy and insulation.

Determine Which Curtain Size Is Ideal For Your Patio Doors

Consider the width of your patio doors when deciding on the size of the curtains you need. The drapes should be large enough to completely enclose the entrance, but not so big as to completely obstruct the light.  To measure door width, use a measuring tape.

When selecting the appropriate dimensions for your patio door curtains, the height of the doors is an additional consideration to take into account. You want curtains long enough to reach the entrance, but short enough not to drag.

Utilizing a tape measure is the most accurate method for determining the height of the doors. Take readings of the door’s height at the top, the center, and the bottom of the door. When figuring out how high to hang your curtains, choose the tallest measurement possible. When you know the dimensions of your doorways, both its width and its height, you can go on to considering the various dimensions of curtain panels.

Curtain purchasing involves a few considerations. First, choose sturdy curtains. You don’t want flimsy, rippable drapes.

A second consideration is whether or not the drapes can be cleaned in a washing machine. 

To avoid having to wash your patio door curtains by hand every time they become filthy, this is essential. Finally, make sure the drapes are colorful and patterned. You will have a much easier time finding a pair of curtains that complements your interior design when you do it this manner.

You have the option of going shopping for patio door curtains either online or at a physical store near you when the time comes for you to make a purchase. If you do your shopping online, you will have access to a far broader assortment of drapes and valances from which to pick. On the other hand, if you shop for curtains at a store that’s physically close to your home, you’ll be able to test them out by hanging them on your doors and getting a feel for how they appear.

This is the greatest approach to purchase patio door curtains that fit.

You are now able to begin your search for patio door curtains since you are aware of what factors to consider while making your selection. Before you make a purchase, make sure you take accurate measurements of the height and breadth of your doorways. This will ensure that your new door hardware fits perfectly.

With a little forethought, you’ll be able to choose the right patio door curtains.

When it comes to patio door curtains, how wide should they be?

The standard height for patio doors is 6 feet and 8 inches. The width of the door might be two or three panels wide, depending on the arrangement of the patio door. In most cases, the width of a door with two panels is 6 feet and 8 inches, whereas the width of a door with three panels is 10 feet and 2 inches.

For patio door curtains, begin by determining the width of the frames on the doors and windows. Then, add four to six inches on each side of the curtain to make it possible for it to stack while it is open.

Your patio door’s width multiplied by two is the minimum width requirement for your window treatment.

When it comes to patio door curtains, how long should they be?

Patio doors are typically 80 inches high, which means a standard sliding door curtain panel will be 84 inches tall. Shorter panels—from 63 to 72 inches—can be used with a curtain rod that extends beyond the doorway.

As long as they’re long enough to drape over the edge of the door frame, you’re good to go. A dash of luxury that also gives the impression that greater effort was put into putting the room together, puddling does both.

You may, of course, have your curtains created to order so that they are the ideal length for your windows.

How Many Patio Door Curtain Panels Are Necessary?

You will need a minimum of two curtain panels in order to cover a patio door.

It’s possible that you’ll need 3 or even 4 panels to obtain the entire covering and appearance that you want for your patio door, but this will depend on how wide your door is. For curtains, it is important to measure from top to bottom of the door frame, and then add a few additional inches to accommodate for the drapes hanging over the door.

This will guarantee you have sufficient fabric to span the whole door but that your curtains hang properly.

How Should Patio Doors Be Measured?

The addition of curtains is an excellent choice to consider if you are searching for a technique to draw attention to your patio doors ( Before adding them, measure the doors. This is the procedure to follow:

First, you’ll need to determine how wide the door frame is. Then, measure the doorframe’s height from the ground up. After that, take a measurement of the door’s actual width. In order to accommodate for the door’s two-inch overlap, multiply this value by two.

From top to bottom, measure the door’s height. Add two inches for the door’s top and bottom overlap. With your dimensions in hand, you may buy curtains. Get curtains that reach the ground and cover the whole door when closed.


There are certain things to consider while buying patio door curtains. One of the vital aspects to consider is the dimensions of the curtains, but equally essential is the kind of fabric they are made of and the degree to which they are able to block out the light. We’ve offered recommendations on how to pick the appropriate size and kind of patio door curtains.

When picking patio door curtains, consider the door’s height and breadth. At least 80 inches wide is the standard width of most patio doors, so you’ll need to buy drapes of that length.


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