How to Get Rid of Dowager’s Hump Easily

get rid of dowager's hump

Overview of Dowager’s Hump 

Dowager’s Hump refers to the outward curvature of the thoracic vertebrae of the upper back. It is present as a round hunch, which many people call hunchback. Other than the bump present on the neck base, the problem involves a forward head posture, where your head juts forward. A few doctors also call it kyphosis or buffalo bump.

The problem with the condition of Dowager’s Hump is that you experience more stress on your neck area when you move your head forward. It takes place from muscle weakness across the thoracic spine. When the neck and head muscles become weak, other muscles have to work for them to create constant strain across the respective area because of overuse.

If you leave your condition of Dowager’s Hump untreated, you will experience pain in the neck and shoulders. Furthermore, the chin will move close to the ribcage to cause spinal degeneration. A positive aspect is that you may treat Dowager’s Hump with medicines, exercises, and stretches. In some cases, the condition treats completely. However, before you should know how to get rid of Dowager’s Hump, you have to know its causes and underlying symptoms.

Causes of Dowager’s Hump 

Doctors usually recommend solutions related to how to get rid of Dowager’s Hump based on its underlying cause. Hence, you must know the reasons for developing the condition as follows-

Poor Body Posture

Poor body posture may include different things, which are-

  • Hunching or slouching, like sitting for many hours at a laptop/computer or in front of TV screens
  • Leaning back for hours in your chair
  • Carrying heavy loads on your shoulders or back, like a backpack consist full of files or books

Postural buffalo hump is a common condition but it usually remains in a mild form. If you have the condition, you may easily overcome it by practicing proper posture.

Spinal Injuries 

Fractures and other spinal injuries may damage your spine and affect the curvature. They even cause kyphosis in elderlies. A few examples of the condition are osteoporosis and degenerative disk disease.

Aging Problems

Spinal curvature increases naturally with the age of a person. Dowager’s Hump prevails from 20 percent to 40 percent in old adults.

Additional Factors to Develop Kyphosis 

You may develop kyphosis from other conditions, which include the following-

Reduction in Mobility 

Reduction in mobility may affect the ligaments and back muscles with position and body posture.

Muscular Strength

Many studies have shown that weak back across the spinal extensors correlate with the increase in the condition of kyphosis in women of 60 years and more.visit here

Sensory Changes

Reduction in input from different senses, like touch, vision, and spatial awareness may affect the positioning and posture of your neck or head.

Developmental Conditions

In some cases, Dowager’s Hump may take place as a congenital condition. It happens when the spine cannot develop properly before birth. The condition may even occur if the spine cannot develop properly at the time of a growth spurt. The problem may also cause an increase in the spinal curvature.


Spinal cancer may cause the weakening of one’s vertebrae and contribute to kyphosis. Moreover, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to treat cancer have similar effects.

Treatment Options to Cure Dowager’s Hump

Depending on the severity of your Dowager’s Hump condition and your overall health, you are available with diverse treatment options. A few of them associated with how to get rid of Dowager’s Hump include the following-

Right Posture

If you have kyphosis due to bad posture, you must focus on the right posture. Accordingly, you should sit straight to correct your spinal curvature and take the help of ergonomics.


Yoga may help you to increase your flexibility and boosts muscle strength in your core and back areas.

Physical Exercise

We know that muscle weakness across the back and neck area is a common cause of kyphosis. Hence, you should get physical exercise regularly to strengthen your back muscles.

Pain Killers or Pain Medications

Over-the-counter painkillers or pain medications ease your back pain related to Dowager’s Hump. However, if these medications fail to relieve your pain, your doctor will prescribe a strong medication.

Treatment of the Underlying Condition

Do you have osteoporosis or any other underlying condition? Your doctor will treat you to prevent worsening of your Dowager’s Hump condition.

Application of a Back Brace

Are you still searching for how to get rid of Dowager’s Hump? You should use a back brace to prevent the worsening of your spinal curvature. Bracing is recommendable for young people. Your doctor will recommend how much time you have to wear the back brace.

Physical Therapy

Your doctor may refer to a physical therapist, who will recommend you certain stretches and exercises to improve your kyphosis condition.

Surgery to Cure Dowager’s Hump

If you do not get an appropriate solution to get rid of Dowager’s Hump because of the related complications, you need surgery to reduce the spinal curvature. Doctors often conduct this procedure with the help of spinal fusion.

Detailed Study on Stretches to Overcome Dowager’s Hump 

You have to perform three simple stretches to strengthen your thoracic spinal muscles and align your head properly.

Pectoral Stretch

Pectoral stretch stretches out the chest muscles. To perform this exercise, you require a doorjamb. Position your arms on the sides of the selected doorframe to create a right angle with each of your arms. Lean in further to let your muscles relax. If the stretch works well for you, bring the arms higher than the right angle position and perform the stretch repeatedly.

Chin Translation

Chin translation stretch intends to improve your body posture by taking a forward head posture, which is emblematic of kyphosis and bringing it back on your body in line. You have to keep in mind to perform a straight-back movement. Accordingly, you have to pretend that your jaw and your ears are on a rail track and your body will appear as a cobra strike.

Upper Back Stretch

The upper backstretch works well to lose your muscles. You should get something to hold until you face the wall and place the hands flat against it that too above the head. Only you should avoid dropping your head while performing the stretch. Instead, you should keep the ears in line with the shoulders. After 10 seconds to 20 seconds, sink further into your stretch. If you have problems with your shoulder, you may keep the arms in the lower position.


Overall, getting rid of Dowager’s Hump or kyphosis is easy if doctors identify the condition in its initial phase. However, patients have to do regular exercise and stretch to overcome their problems in less time.



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