How to Get Rid of Camel Crickets- Complete Guide

How to get rid of Camel Cricket

Camel crickets, also known as cave crickets or spider crickets, can infest your homes quickly. They increase in damp basements or crawl spaces. Their presence is not harmful to human beings. However, they will gnaw the objects lying in your home. The camel crickets are omnivorous. Therefore, they can feed on anything, such as clothing, curtains, couches, etc. Humans often look for diverse ways to eliminate these insects from their homes. So, if you are looking for the same, we have you covered.

7 Tips to Eliminate Spider Crickets from Your Home

Are you wondering how to get rid of camel crickets from your home? The camel cricket breed in the moist atmosphere. Therefore, you should concentrate on controlling moisture in your home. Identifying the damp areas and treating them at the earliest is the key to reduce the chances of eliminating the spide crickets in your home. Here we are listing down several strategies to get rid of camel crickets as soon as possible.

1) Keep your home moisture-free

How to get rid of Camel Crickets


If you want to deter the population of these insects, you must keep your home moisture-free. Keep checking your drain pipes, faucets, and water taps for leakage. Adopt strategies to keep them leak-free. Otherwise, they will be a source of moisture in your home, tempting camel crickets to increase their population. Make sure that all the crawl spaces are well-ventilated. Ensure the use of exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to eliminate this problem. The different strategies to control moisture are as follows:

  • Use a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier - Wikipedia

Ensure to use a quality dehumidifier as it helps us to control the moisture coming from outside. Using a dehumidifier will work to remove the excess water from the air and speed up the evaporation process.

  • Sealing and Caulking

Sealing and Caulking

Another way to remove moisture is to seal and caulk your home. If you caulk your windows and doorways, it will help you prevent moisture from entering your home and tempt crickets to breed. Seal the taps, tubs, and showers to help you drain the water and keep your home clean.

Adopting all these moisture control measures will help you in eliminating the population of camel crickets.

2) Declutter your Home


The next thing that can stop the proliferation of camel crickets is to declutter your home as soon as possible. As crickets may hide in dark and damp areas, removing the clutter and keeping these areas clean is essential. Also, eliminate the sources of leftover food from the kitchen, as they can attract insects like crickets.

3) Lay Traps

Another method to eliminate camel crickets is to lay traps to ensnare them. Choose sticky traps to place inside the doors, near doorways, and other areas to keep their population under control. This trap will stop the crickets from coming inside your homes. You can use these traps behind appliances as well.

  • Tape Traps

If you have duct tape in your house,  you can use it to trap the camel crickets. Tear long tapes to trap the spider crickets with them easily. Roll over these tapes and create loops to catch your target pests.

  • Molasses Traps

Molasses Trap

These traps will help you catch the crickets quite easily. Apart from feeding on fungi and wood, these insects also like the smell of molasses. Therefore, we can also use molasses trap help us to catch the pests like crickets. Pour molasses into bowls and place them inside your basements to curb the entry of these spider crickets.

Glue Traps

Glue traps- How to get rid of Camels Crickets

Glue traps are another effective remedy that helps you find out how to eliminate camel crickets. Make it clear that when we want to tempt these crickets, you can’t use actual glue, as it will not stop these insects. Instead, you can use any sticky substance that helps trap the crickets. Make glue with cardboard, granulated sugar, corn syrup, and duct tape.

4) Use Soapy Water

Soapy Water

If you are looking for ways to get rid of camel crickets, try a soapy water solution. It is the most effective remedy to help you prevent camel crickets. Place soapy water around all the areas where you can expect these crickets. You can catch them this way whenever they try to drink the soapy water and prevent their population from spreading.

5) Trim Bushes, Shrubs, and Plants

How to get rid of Camels Crickets

Trimming the bushes, shrubs, and plants can also help to eliminate the camel crickets. It will keep them clean and prevent moisture. It will stop the proliferation of crickets from your garden, pests, and yards. Place these bushes, shrubs, or plants at least 12 inches from the foundation. This is one of the best methods to eliminate the crickets both in your home and in your gardens.

6) A vacuum cleaner is the Key

Vacuum Cleaner

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to identify the presence of these crickets and eliminate them from your house. It will work effectively for small crickets. But while using them, you should discard these insects very carefully. It will help you control the infestation of these pests.

7) Use Chemical Methods

How to get rid of camel crickets

If you feel that these methods are not enough to curb the population of crickets, you can also try chemical processes to prevent the camel crickets. To save yourself from the unwanted impact of these insects in your house, you can book a professional pest control service provider. They will use diverse chemical methods to weed out these pests from your home.


Camel crickets can intrude your home anytime, and therefore, we should ensure applying the above-mentioned strategies to curb the population of crickets. The above mentioned methods will help you exterminate these insects from your home. If these solutions are insufficient, you can call a professional service provider to help you. You can also try methods like sprinkling boric acid to minimize the presence of these bugs in your home. In every way, preventing moisture in diverse areas will help you out to control the camel crickets. If nothing works, taking a professional help will help you to achieve the goal of weeding out camel crickets from your home.



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