How to Avoid a Motorcycle Crash (And What to Do If You Have One)


Whether you want to avoid potential motorcycle crashes or have been in a motorcycle crash recently, this guide has some excellent advice and tips for you to follow. 

There are around 600 million motorcycles in use worldwide, which is a huge amount. As a result, this means that motorcyclists make up a big percentage of road accidents. Since 2017, 19%-20% of road-related deaths are motorcyclists, which is quite shocking. 

Understandably, if you ride a motorcycle, you’ll want to avoid any potential crashes in the future for the well-being of you and your family. The good news is that there are some tips you can follow that help to reduce the chances of you being in a road accident while out on your motorbike. 

But First, What Should a Motorcyclist Do in the Aftermath of a Crash? 

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash on the road that wasn’t your fault (for example, a car hit you from behind whilst you were waiting at a traffic light), then you should contact motorcycle accident lawyers. This will enable a legal case to be made for you, which (fingers-crossed) will finish with you receiving compensation and justice. 

Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Crashes and Accidents 

Next, it’s time to go through some important tips on how to avoid motorcycle crashes and accidents. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced motorcyclist; these tips are for everyone. 

1.Make Yourself Visible 

The small nature of motorcycles makes it more difficult for drivers to see them – especially out of their blind spots. So, this is why it’s highly advised that you make yourself as visible as possible out on the road, from wearing a reflective jacket to using your headlight. When other drivers can see you clearly, it makes everyone much safer. (  

2. Be Wary When Passing Cars in Traffic 

When cars are built up in long lines of traffic, motorcyclists will often weave through them to the front. This can be quite dangerous, though, as most drivers are looking directly ahead (not behind). At any moment, they could slightly turn their cars and knock you over, leading to serious injury. This is why you need to remain wary and vigilant at all times when filtering through slow-moving or completely halted traffic. 

3. Driver Slower 

Motorcyclists are known for their love of speed. However, driving too fast – particularly when you approach corners – is incredibly dangerous. Also, when cars pull out of junctions, they might not have seen you when they looked left and right (due to your distance and speed), which then leads to a collision. When you drive at a much slower speed, it makes it easy for other drivers to spot you and any potential danger. 

4. Avoid Dangerous Weather

When the cold and icy winter months arrive, more accidents happen out on the road than at any other point in the year. This is why, as a motorcyclist, you need to assess the weather before going on any motorcycle journeys. For instance, if the road is covered in ice (which could potentially be black ice), then it’s best to stay at home and remain safe. If you need to travel for work purposes, ask your employer if you can work from home if possiblewhen the weather is dangerous. 


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