How Simple Radiator Designs Allow Your Décor To Shine

Radiator Designs Allow Your Décor To Shine

Your home is personal to you, and the styles you choose reflect your personality, which is why it’s essential that everything in your room suits your aesthetic and helps to enhance your space – even down to your radiators! There are a variety of simple, yet effective radiators that you can choose from to complete your look and tie it all together. From the most modern, stylish products, to traditional radiators, there is something to suit all types of home décor. We’ll look at these in more detail below, and how they can improve your interior. 

Towel rails

These radiators are featured in almost every modern home, and for good reason – they can have an impact on the look of any room. Whilst these radiators are simple in design, they can be added to your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom to enhance the look of your décor. They often have the appearance of a ladder – which allows you to use them to hang your towels whilst also benefiting from effective heating. Adding a towel rail to your bathroom is one of the best ways in which you can change the feel of the space. 

These towel rails come in a range of finishes, with the most popular being polished chrome. The polished chrome finish bounces light around the room and can create the illusion of a larger space. They are also great when working with a smaller room, as you can choose various widths and heights, so you can fit a radiator around your décor, rather than drawing attention to a radiator that is too big. Towel rails can suit almost any modern bathroom and help to enhance the overall look and finish. 

Cast iron radiators 

Different from towel rails, cast iron radiators are some of the most efficient on the market, and also some of the most traditional when it comes to design. They can often be found in period homes, but recently, they have started making their way into modern properties – and they work incredibly well. Although they are the most traditional, the rustic, cast iron finish means you can add a radiator that is understated, but also stylish. The radiator itself is simple, but the traditional, old-style look can help enhance the décor in whichever room you’ve chosen to add one of these pieces into. They would work well in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms, adding to your aesthetic rather than drawing attention away from it. 

Vertical radiators 

You can use a vertical radiator in almost any room, and they work well if you have more vertical space than horizontal, like in a smaller property. You can choose a vertical radiator in various heights and widths so there is something to suit all homes. Vertical radiators can help your interior to shine – no matter which room you install them. They are anything but boring – you can choose a polished metallic finish to create a modern feel within your home, or choose a bright, bold radiator that compliments the colour scheme of your room. There are so many options for you to take advantage of, and with a vertical radiator, you can create a personalised, stylish space. 

Flat front panel radiators 

Some of the simplest looking on the list – these radiators are made up of a single flat panel rather than the column or ridged finish you’re likely to see on the most common radiators. They are a perfect example of how such a simple design can enhance your interior. They look incredibly modern, whilst having the ability to heat your home to the highest standard. Anthracite grey or white flat panel radiators are popular, but you can choose any colour to suit you. They are the perfect product to make a statement without drawing attention away from the rest of the room. Be a trendsetter with one of these modern radiators.


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