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Some medical conditions require exclusive care and attention. The same goes true with Type 2 Diabetes. Considering the critical symptoms of Diabetes 2, many doctors recommend taking Trulicity. But only a few people know that we need to take good care of our diet whenever doctors prescribe Trulicity to us. Because if we consume certain foods, they can hamper the effective working of Trulicity. So, if you are curious to check out the list of foods to avoid with Trulicity, read this engaging post as it will cover what Trulicity is and what food to avoid during its intake.

What is Trulicity?



It is crucial to control blood sugar, especially if you are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Keeping this in mind, Doctors often prescribe a once-a-week injection, Trulicity. This injection is extremely helpful in controlling blood sugar. If taken as prescribed by doctors, it stimulates our body to release its insulin levels as and when needed. If you are taking trulicity, you should be aware that it can cause certain side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. Also, when taking this infection, we must note down some foods to avoid with Trulicity. Let’s start with the list.

Foods to Avoid with Trulicity- Complete Guide

When you are taking Trulicity, it is important to understand that it aims at controlling the blood sugar level. Therefore, we must take note of some key foods such as:

1) Avoid High Sugar Foods

Foods to avoid with trulicity

 As we take Trulicity to avoid high sugar levels, we must keep the intake of high-sugar foods in check. Because it can negatively affect our well-being while we consume the doses of this injection to control type 2 diabetes. The effects of this medicine increase when we pair it with a healthy lifestyle and some dietary restrictions. Here are some key sugar foods that you must avoid.

  • Sugar Drinks

Sugar drinks

Never opt for sugar drinks as they contain a high amount of sugar. You may feel tempted to drink processed food juices, sodas, energy drinks, and milkshakes. But when you are taking Trulicity, you should avoid drinking it because it can have a lot of side effects on your health.

  • Sweet Desserts

Sweet Dessert

Do you love desserts? If yes, say no to your sweet tooth cravings if you take the medications for Diabetes 2, exclusively Trulicity injections. Stop consuming pastries, ice-creams, cold coffee with ice cream, candies, and sweets immediately. This will help promote a healthy lifestyle along with the injections and medications.

2) Say no to packed meals

Foods to avoid with Trulicity

If you want a healthy lifestyle along with the medications for Diabetes 2, it is important to say no to fast food and packaged food. Because they contain a high amount of sugar it can be harmful to our health especially if we want to control the level of sugar.

  • Fried Foods

Fried foods like Chowmin, Pasta, Momos, Pizza, and fried fritters are extremely harmful to diabetes type 2. It can interfere with the control of blood sugar levels in your body. Therefore, when you are taking Trulicty, refrain from taking these foods as it can increase insulin levels in your body.

3) Say No to Gluten and Carbohydrates

Foods to avoid with trulicity


Are you still wondering what you should avoid when you are taking the injections of Trulicity? Well, to improve your diet and make it healthy, the best way to stop the intake of Gluten or Carbohydrates. Exclusively, you should not consume refined carbohydrates as they further cause a spike in sugar levels. Likewise, those foods that contain traces of gluten can also be harmful to us when our doctors have prescribed Trulicity to us.

4) Cut Alcohol Consumption

close up of hand stopping drink from being served

Taking alcohol can worsen your situation and can make you feel troublesome. You may feel surprised to know that Alcohol consumption can be very harmful, especially whenever we take the medicine Trulicity. 

It can cause nausea, and vomiting, which are some of the side effects of these medicines. It can also be responsible for liver damage and can interfere with the functioning of Trulicity in curbing blood sugar levels. If you still want to consume alcohol, you must do it in moderation. Otherwise, be ready for the worst side effects. 

5) Say No to the Products of Added Sugar

Foods to avoid with trulicity

If proper care and exercises are not done with Trulicity, it can aggravate the results, instead of improving them. Therefore, you should strictly prohibit products that contain added sugar. In general, you must avoid consuming dry fruits, Yogurt, whole grain cereals, nutrition bars, and whole grain cereals.

6) Avoid Bacon and Sausages

Foods to avoid with trulicity

You wonder what those foods can worsen the impact of Trulicity. Some profound medical research has indicated that we should avoid consuming Bacon and Saucages as it can interfere with the smooth interplay of Trulicity. Exclusively, sausages can interfere with the medication process.

7) Excessive Sodium Intake

Foods to avoid with trulicity

Taking excessive sodium intake can also increase the negative effects of intake of trulicity. So, we highly recommend that you curb your sodium intake. Otherwise, your health may worsen.


Based on the above insights and discussion, we come to the premise that it is necessary to pay heed to your diet. The above list related to the foods to avoid with Trulicity will help you curb your blood sugar levels and improve your overall health. Apart from avoiding these foods, we can also consume certain foods with triplicity as it will impact the function of this injection for our betterment. For example, consuming protein-rich foods and non-starchy vegetables can be helpful for us whenever we take the injections. We hope now you will be able to improve your overall quality of life and improve your health.


1) Do some spices and herbs impact the smooth functioning of Trulicity?

No herbs and spices can directly interfere with the smooth functioning of trulicity. 

2) Can Trulicity Impact Kidney?

Trulicity does not have any direct impact on your kidney. However, those people who experience excessive vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea can have an impact on the kidneys

3) Can people also lose weight while taking Trulicity?

Understanding that Trulicity is not a weight-loss medication and injection is vital. However, some cases of weight loss are reported but we cannot say that it will happen with every patient. The cases may vary from person to person.

4) What is the best food that we can eat with Trulicity?

You can consume certain foods with trulicity, such as tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, and sweet potatoes. All these will keep us healthy when we are taking medications for diabetes type 2. Also, keep in check the time of the food intake as it will also be a great help in curbing the side effects of the medications.



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