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Selling an old car with a ten- or fifteen-year history on your own is not easy. The fact that an old car is not necessarily bad is not understood by all buyers. To sell an old car yourself, the car owner will have to interview friends and place ads on specialized sites. In the secondary market, foreign cars not older than three years are much more popular. If the car is much older, the buyer will have to wait for months, or even years. All this time the car will stand in the parking lot or in the garage and inevitably become cheaper. Exchanging a car for cash is a great opportunity for owners who are located in Houston, Texas. You no longer need to worry about keeping an old car somewhere and paying insurance for it. We understand that perhaps you are attached to the car, or it is associated with pleasant memories for you, but our service will not leave you indifferent. We can not only pick up your car, but also pay in cash, pick up when it is convenient for you and where it is convenient for you. Junk yards in Houston is a great choice for you and your family. 

Of course, you may be lucky, the buyer will be found earlier. But in this case, the sale of an old car will not be easy. The buyer will try to bring down the price as much as possible, drag the car owner through the services, and if the car has several owners, then the number of questions, clarifications and checks will go off the scale. Sometimes exhausted car owners are forced to agree to sell and lose up to 70% in price! At Junkcarsus we buy any cars. Year of manufacture, technical condition, mileage, brand, model do not matter. Of the documents, you usually need only a passport. In any case, we tell you what specific documents you need to provide in order to conclude a transaction with our company. Just sign up for a Junkcarsus showroom in Houston. We will inspect the car in your presence, evaluate (based on the current state of the market) and execute the transaction. The contract of sale is drawn up in accordance with US law, everything is 100% legally safe. Money is issued immediately in cash or transferred to the card!

What does this process look like ?

Urgent redemption of old cars in Houston is a convenient service for those who want to sell a car in 30 minutes at a bargain price. By signing the contract, in a single payment you will receive 95% of the market value of the car. The company undertakes the paperwork. To take advantage of this type of redemption, you need to leave an online application on the site or call the phone number listed on the site. You can specify the place and time of the inspection. Our expert will arrive at the appointed time and inspect the car within 15 minutes. It will set the correct market value and offer you 95% of that amount. If it suits you, lawyers will prepare a contract, close the insurance policy, and solve the issue if the car is pledged. We will sign a bilateral contract and you will receive the full amount. It can be cash or non-cash (to a bank account) payment.

Contacting Junkcarsus for you is:

  • the maximum amount from the sale of the car;
  • the ability to control each stage of the transaction;
  • free car assessment, paperwork and use of a tow truck;
  • extremely fast sale (especially with urgent redemption);
  • high level of service.


If you want to sell a used car quickly and profitably, then Junkcarsus is your choice!

Contacting the company “Junkcarsus” gives the following advantages:

  • buy any car, including credit, leasing, right-hand drive, after an accident, any brand and model, cars, trucks and other cars;
  • quick departure of the manager for the evaluation and redemption of the car (including in the whole state);
  • we conclude a contract for the purchase and sale of a car, the whole procedure is completely legally transparent and safe;
  • our technical engineers have extensive experience and high professionalism, we are constantly trained and improve our skills;
  • We work honestly, you can be sure that you will not be deceived.
  • You can urgently sell your car within 1 hour. We will quickly evaluate your vehicle, draw up all the necessary documents and pay you money.

We guarantee the execution of documents in compliance with all legal norms. Our specialists have all the necessary professional skills related to the conclusion of transactions in the field of purchase and sale of cars. Therefore, you will always be reliably protected from any risks.

Here are the main points:

  • Prepare basic information about your car (make, model, year of manufacture). Also, the buyer may be interested in the details of the appearance, the condition of the cabin, etc.
  • Prepare technical information about the engine, the mileage of the car. 
  • Specify in what condition your car is, whether it is on the move, what are the problems and damages. 
  • Further, if the buyer is interested, the execution of various documentation, the preparation of contracts and other manipulations will follow. 

In general, the procedure of “auto buyback of old cars” is no different from buying an ordinary car. First you need to decide on the way to find a buyer: advertising in the media and the Internet, through an intermediary or in the car market.Beforehand, make a list of the expected questions that the buyer will certainly ask you, and try to answer them. And to personally bring the car into a decent form that can interest the buyer, sometimes not affordable for the owner himself, and it will take a lot of time, effort and nerves.In addition, one desire to sell an old foreign car is not enough, you need to try to find a buyer, draw up documents and carry out a deal to buy an old car. 


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