Tarzana is home to over forty-three thousand five hundred people and counting. Amongst them, about 42% of the county’s population is made of families with kids below the age of 18. Invariably, a sizable number of them experience some form of toothache at some point in their lives. It has been observed that oral health issues in the region are more prevalent in older adults, which make up over half of the entire population. CRITICAL THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT DENTAL EMERGENCY CARE IN TARZANA-

However, several people in Tarzana often ignore toothaches as a passing problem, failing to check with their dentist. This can be a catastrophic mistake as toothaches are often a red flag telling you something is very wrong with your mouth, such as severe gum infections or other diseases.

Knowing the difference between a typical dental problem and a real emergency is crucial. If neglected, a dental emergency can cause you to lose teeth and threaten other aspects of your oral health.

Therefore, when you consult with your dentist in Tarzana, ask for details on pointers that tell you when to make an emergency visit. This is in addition to following the guidelines your dentist asks you to, so your teeth stay in perfect shape for a long time.  

But there are signs that you can read beforehand to determine when to book an dental emergency care. Some critical ones are listed below.

Inexplicable toothache

A severe toothache can be caused due to various reasons like sensitivity, tooth decay, or even severe causes like an abscessed tooth, infected gum, or damaged filling. 

In case of prolonged toothache, it is best to consult a dentist at the earliest as negligence could result in aggravating the issue. It is advisable to apply a cold compress to the affected to alleviate pain until you get to your dentist.

Swollen or bleeding gums, jaw, or mouth

Oral care is critically important and must not be neglected. Part of this is reporting bleeding or swollen gums, mouth, or jaw to your dentist immediately. It could be an indicator of more serious issues such as swollen lymph nodes, gum infections, etc.

Also, it is a grave mistake to assume this is something that occurs only in older adults. In reality, gum disease is widespread in teenagers and younger children, accounting for approximately eighteen to twenty-five percent of Tarzana’s total population. 

So, while residents take their children to the dentists for regular checkups, it is advisable that they watch for bleeding or swelling in any part of their mouths.

Exposed nerves

According to the National Health Issue, at least ninety-one percent of adults experience cavity issues in their life that result in open nerves inside the mouth. In turn, this could lead to critical illnesses such as oral cancer if neglected.

So, if you are part of the city’s sizable older adult population and notice an exposed nerve or nerves, you should contact your dentist in Tarzana immediately. Else, the already intense pain will increase further, leading to severe infections in the mouth. Moreover, you will not be able to eat or speak due to the pain. Ensure to visit your local dentist at least twice a year for regular checkups.

Abscessed teeth

Tarzana is home to diverse ethnic groups from Hispanic and white to black and Asian. And while all of these groups have dental issues, one of the most severe dental conditions is a tooth abscess. A dental abscess is when a pocket of pus inside the tooth leads to painful infections, and it occurs in several residents of Tarzana. It can cause fever, a persistently severe toothache, sensitivity to extreme temperatures, swelling in the face, and tender lymph nodes, among other things. It is highly critical to see your dentist before the infection spreads to the jaw and other areas in the mouth.




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