The Krameria is an uncommon plant that is famous for its botanical medicine used in the treatment and prevention of a number of conditions. Krameria is also known as Rhatany, the name given to several of its species.


Krameria is found in various parts of America, mostly
in areas that experience tropical climate all year long. Normally, the Krameria
reaches a maximum height of approximately 3ft. 
It is a perennial shrub, characterized by its narrow leaves that are
silky green in color. Its flowers are red and have glands that produce a lipid
that is loved by bees. Its roots are shallow so the Krameria plant tends to act
as a root parasite on other nearby plants.

Rhatany was traditionally used as herbal medicine.
This was especially common in the southern part of America and the larger part
of Europe. It is in these two continents that Rhatany was prominently used as a
main source of medication. This was back in the 1820s until the 1920s.

Generally, Rhatany is known for numerous purposes but
its major uses revolve around tannins, the astringent chemicals it produces. Tannins
are mainly extracted from the roots. When the roots are dried and finely
powdered, they can be used as a constituent of tooth powders.

When word spread around on the plant’s medicinal
value, savvy entrepreneurs sold them in the local markets of South America and
with business booming, the plant was moved to International markets.

Additionally, they have been used for the longest time
in Portugal as a coloring agent to their wines. It is used to color their
drinks ruby red.

In some cases, other species of the Krameria plant are
discretely added to the Rhatany preparations to make for better medicine. What
I cannot forget to mention is the high concentration of tannins, found in the
roots of the Krameria plant, that significantly aid in the reduction of
inflammations that appear on the skin of an individual. 

Skin inflammation is the first reaction of the immune
system towards injury. It occurs when the white blood cells are trying to fight
off infection from bacteria and other micro-organisms. When Krameria root
extracts are used on inflammation, they work by drawing water from the inflamed
cells, restoring them to their original size.


ACS-AntiCytoStressor (CAS 84775-95-1), also known as
Fraction of Kramiera Triandra Root Extract is a component of the Krameria plant
and has numerous benefits; both cosmetic and medicinal.

Due to the damaging effects of pollution on our skin,
Vevy Europe came up with ACS-AntiCytoStressor to act as a natural
anti-pollutant. All this was in a bid to fight dermatological issues brought
about by pollution.

Independent Chemical, the largest ACS-AntiCytoStressor
, has made use of the above extract to come up with
fine cosmetics to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

The ACS-AntiCytoStressor is known to fight skin
conditions such as acne and eczema. Acne is brought about by a build-up of
excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells which then clog pores forming pimples.
Eczema, on the other hand, is a skin condition that is characterized by
inflamed, red, scaly and itchy skin. It mostly affects children. There is no
cure for the above conditions, but some lifestyle changes and making use of
skincare care products that contain the ACS-AntiCytoStressor is bound to
alleviate the symptoms and manage the conditions.

As we said earlier, it also contains anti-inflammatory
properties that act quickly to try and bring down swellings on the skin.

One major factor we cannot afford not to mention is its ability to reduce the level of stress hormones produced by the skin when we are under stress. Some psychological pressures such as the constant fear of losing a job, looming deadlines and other environmental issues can naturally trigger the elevation of stress hormones known as Cortisol. This, in turn, causes some unprecedented psychological and physical changes such as dry and itchy scalp that is sometimes sensitive. Using products that are rich in ACS-AntiCytoStressor, will soothe the scalp from itching and redness, as well as significantly reduce stress levels.

What of the Anti-aging effect?
What of the Anti-aging effect?

What of the Anti-aging effect?

Navigating your way through the millions of beauty
products that promise to make you look a couple of years younger can be a hard
and overwhelming experience; especially when a series of options are presented
to you and you have to make a choice. In order to be confident enough that you
are making the best decision for your skin, the secret lies in paying close
attention to the active ingredients present in the product. ACS-AntiCytoStressor
comes highly recommended because it is effective at turning back the clock and reducing
the visibility of wrinkles and surface lines. It is perfect for maturing skin
as it prevents capillary fragility as well as reduce the chances of suffering
from premature aging.

Last but not least, when applied to the skin, products
containing ACS-AntiCytoStressor help in the cure of leg ulcers and skin issues
related to chilblains, a condition characterized by swelling and itchiness
brought about by the cold weather.

benefits of the Krameria plant

Apart from taking care of our skin, Rhatany has other
benefits that are of medicinal value to our bodies.

One of the most common uses of Rhatany lies in the
dental department. It has been used over the years as a mouthwash or gargle in
case of mild infection of the mouth or throat. It also works for swollen gums,
cracked tongue, and other related issues. Additionally, it has been used to
cure intestinal swelling, otherwise known as enteritis. It is also effective in
relieving angina which is a form of chest pain.

With oral administration, Rhatany is safe as long as
it is taken for a period of not more than two weeks. Effects of long-term use are

The appropriate dosage of Rhatany recommended for
people depends on several factors. Such factors include the age of the patient,
health and other underlying factors. It is good to note that natural products
have their risks and proper dosage is important. Be sure to read the directions
on the beauty product labels and follow the doctor’s prescription.


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