Basic Pointers to Keep in Mind While Choosing Custom Wallpaper


Are you redecorating your home or adding more color to your space? In both cases, installing a custom wallpaper would be a smart decision. They are less expensive, washable, and come in a variety of designs. You can create the kind of effect you want. Your vision will be a reality! From blooming roses to multifaceted digital shapes, you imagine it, and you will have it. Just go through these pointers while choosing one:

  •   Types Of wallpaper:

There are many types of custom wallpaper available in the market. You can choose the paper-back vinyl wallpaper or the non-woven wallpaper for your interior. No matter the design, make sure to test the feel the wallpaper has. The non-woven wallpaper type is vinyl-free which makes it a good candidate for digital printing. So, if you wish to go ahead with a digital design for your interior, then this would be a smart choice. Just make sure to know about the characteristics of all the types of custom wallpapers available.

  •   Patterns or Textures:

What kind of result do you wish to get from your custom wallpaper? This is the question that would guide you to make the right choice. Would you like to add colors and patterns in the form of designs to your space? Or would you like a resemblance to bricks and wood stationed in your interior? You can go ahead with any one of these choices as per your wish. Just know about the type of wallpaper you are using and then carefully review its characteristics.

  •   Interior Design Of The Space:

This is a significant factor that would be essential while getting your custom wallpaper designed. Make sure to consult with the designer regarding the space’s interior design. If you are getting a custom wallpaper designed for office space, the design would be more focused toward professional strokes. With solid elements, a more subtle color scheme would complement the furnishings of the office space.

Whereas, if you are getting a custom wallpaper designed for residential areas, the choices would be several. You can go ahead with a digital design implementing the metallic lighting of your space. Or you can include flowery patterns per the area’s feminine touch. So, discuss with the designer about your vision to see if it will suit the overall aesthetics.

  •   Consider These Extra Tips:

❖ Check for any seepage your space might have before installing a custom wallpaper. If there is seepage, you would be wasting your time and money on the project. As the wallpaper would be ruined by getting wet, you don’t want to deal with such a disaster. 

❖ Another pointer to remember would be to use washable wallpaper, especially in the kitchen. Due to the heat and the presence of spices and liquids, you may need to clean the wallpaper at regular intervals.

❖ Check the light fixtures in your space and then think about the reflections they may have. Good lighting will highly complement a nicely designed custom wallpaper.

These are some of the factors that would play a huge role while you go ahead with choosing a wallpaper for your space.


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