Apple cider vinegar for drug test


Apple cider vinegar for drug test.Can You Pass a Drug Test Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

Drug tests can be scary, especially if you have a certain amount of THC in your body. The presence of drugs can be identified by various testing methods such as urine, hair, or a mouth swab.

Many people believe that they will avoid testing positive for drugs when completing a test by using apple cider vinegar. There is a lot of talk on the internet that this method can work due to acetic acid found in vinegar. People are influenced by the fact that acetic acid is believed to reduce body fat where the THC metabolites are present.

Apple cider vinegar is known as a home remedy because it is an everyday item that you will find in most homes and won’t cost you a lot of money like other methods to help you pass a urine drug test can. Also, apple cider vinegar is widely considered to have health benefits due to its antioxidant effects.

Although can it detox a metabolite in your system so that you can pass a test?

How to complete the apple cider vinegar detox

For people who want to remove THC metabolites from their urine sample, if that is the test they are required to take, then the apple cider vinegar will need to be consumed with water.

To detox the metabolites from your urine, you can use the apple cider vinegar method if you are short of time and have an impending test on that day or within 24 hours, or you can use it in the lead up to a drug test.

Apple cider vinegar detox instructions:

  • Step 1 – Put 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into an 8-ounce glass of water and mix.
  • Step 2 – Some people find the taste way too sour. If so, add a sweetener like a maple syrup. Or you can add lemon juice or hot pepper sauce, depending on what works best for the user.
  • Step 3 – Drink the apple cider vinegar detox mixture. Plus, continually hydrate by drinking approximately 1 gallon of water or more; this is so any drug traces can be flushed out of your urine, ready for when you need to produce a sample and cleanse your system.
  • Step 4 – You will need to pass urine as much as possible to achieve the best results.

Adding apple cider vinegar to your urine sample

This is another way that you can use apple cider vinegar to help you pass a drug test.

There are two reasons people believe in this method; the first one is that the acetic acid in the vinegar will disguise metabolites associated with drugs so that the test does not detect them. The other reason is that the vinegar will lower the pH level that is inside the urine. Apple cider vinegar has a pH level of 4.3, while human urine has a pH level between 6.5 and 7.2. The lower pH level is also believed to disguise the metabolites.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a good way of passing a drug test, as labs will generally test the urine specimen’s pH level that you have provided. When they notice the low pH level, they will know it has been tampered with, and you will be required to do another test as it will become invalid.

Surprisingly though, this method can hide a metabolite when drug tests are completed, but the additional checks that labs do will make this method not a good idea at all, as it will be invalid.

What is the reason for doing the apple cider vinegar detox to pass a drug test?

If you are a marijuana user, the THC from the drug can be detected in a urine sample and other drug testing methods even after you have smoked the drug. It is turned into a metabolite that remains in your body for some time, and by drinking apple cider vinegar, it is thought that this is one way to remove the traces of the drug from your body.

The body fat that contains the drug’s traces can be decreased by using apple cider vinegar, but unfortunately, it isn’t enough to remove them totally from your urine. It would need to be carried out for a longer period than just 1 day, plus it is no quicker than what your body can do naturally to remove the toxins and TCH from your system. The only added health advantage is that apple cider vinegar contains antioxidants that can help promote a healthier lifestyle.

The apple cider vinegar detox requires you to drink a lot of water; drinking water alone without the vinegar will help to flush toxins from your urine, and the vinegar won’t provide a quicker flush than the water does. Be careful as too much flushing will make the urine lose vital components such as color and creatine levels that will make the drug test invalid.

Does apple cider vinegar work for a hair drug test?

It won’t work if you use it alone on your hair, although if you follow a specific procedure that includes other products, it can help, beware it is not guaranteed!

To help assist you with a hair drug test, consider the following steps:

  • Step 1 – Put the apple cider vinegar on your hair and massage it into the hair follicles and scalp.
  • Step 2 – Leave the vinegar in your hair for approximately 20 minutes; you can use a shower cap if it starts to run down your neck.
  • Step 3 – Add salicylic acid and wait 30 minutes.
  • Step 4 – Wash your hair with detergent.


If you need to pass a drug test, then using vinegar is not the best choice as it will either produce an invalid test result or show your true THC levels. There is no scientific evidence that backs up the idea of using this method to help you pass.

Instead, it is best to use other methods to help you pass a drug test, such as detox flush drinks.


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