A Must-Have Checklist for Moving to Another State


As you prepare to move to another state, you need to plan the logistics of having your belongings come with you in a safe, reliable, and affordable way. While a good shipping company will handle many logistics, there are also some things that you should plan to do yourself to speed up the process and avoid obstacles and delays.


  1. Start with researching moving companies.


You can streamline your moving company research using websites like 9Kilo Moving to generate multiple quotes from one online form. These websites also have the moving size and weight calculators, checklists, and other important information on long-distance movers and packers.


  1. Weigh and measure your items.


To prepare an accurate quote, you should know how much space your items will take up and what they will weigh. At a minimum, try to measure and estimate the weight of your largest items – like your bed, sofa, dresser, and tables – for a more accurate quote.


While it’s tempting to have the movers and packers take everything you own if you can discard or donate some items before you move instead of after, you may save money


  1. Find the distance.


The expense of your move will also depend on the total distance to your new location, so do your best to estimate the exact mileage.


  1. Decide whether you want movers and packers.


You can save a lot of money by packing boxes and moving your items into the truck. You will need to decide whether you want movers and packers as part of your quote. Some companies will be more cost competitive with a full-service move, while others will come out cheaper if you’re just ordering transit, so be sure to get new quotes if these aspects change.


  1. Decide who will drive the truck.


Will you rent a truck to drive your items to your new home or choose to put your items on a cargo truck for a moving and shipping company to bring them to your new home?


  1. Learn the rules for bringing moving trucks close to your home.


You are responsible for any permits, permissions, or reservations necessary to bring a moving truck to your home. If some of these considerations delay the movers and packers, they will likely charge you hourly while they wait for you to secure the right approvals.


  1. Contact the moving company to learn their policies.


After you have selected a moving company, be sure to read the fine print. Especially look out for a transparent fee structure, the company’s policy for any damaged or broken goods while they handle your household effects, and the company’s plan should there be any delays from what they promised.


Movers and packers can help make your move easier.


Though the above checklist may seem like a lot of logistics, when you hire the right movers and packers, you’ll find they take care of most of the work for you. Your real task is finding the right company, and there are websites to help you do that easily and efficiently as a first step.







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