5 of The Most Common Dental Procedures In The World


Although dental treatments serve different reasons, they all have one goal: improving your smile. You might consider a dental procedure to eliminate tooth pain, treat diseases, or replace a missing tooth.  

This article lists some of the most commonly performed dental treatments. 

Dental Bonding To Reduce Gaps Between Teeth

Bonding is a dental treatment to repair teeth or to reduce the gaps between teeth. If you have fractured, decayed or chipped teeth, your dentist will likely suggest bonding.

When bonding your teeth, your dentist mixes composite resin with a special paste, then colors the mixture to match your teeth’ color. A few layers are then applied to every tooth for uniformity. 

Your dentist will then harden each layer using ultraviolet light. Then the dentist will shape and polish the resin bonding to give it a natural look matching your teeth. 

In some cases, dentists use bonding to give a youthful appearance to old teeth. This procedure is suitable for all age groups. And if you installed dental bonding at a young age, you can replace it as you grow.  

Dental Implants and Dental Bridges To Replace Missing Teeth

Suppose you have a tooth extracted and left a gaping space in your mouth; dentists will suggest one of two procedures to repair the gap—either a dental implant or a dental bridge. 

Dental implants have the same appearance as natural teeth, and they also have the same function. Every dental implant has a crown and a root that goes into the missing tooth’s bone socket. 

Although dental implants in Turkey have an overall success rate of 98%, their success rate depends on where they are placed in the jaw.

The second procedure to replace a missing tooth is to use a dental bridge. Dental bridges are known as Pontics or fixed removable dentures. 

Natural teeth or dental implants can be used to support dental bridges. A bridge is an artificial tooth attached to the teeth using crowns. Dental bridges can last up to 15 years or even more with good oral hygiene or regular checkups.

Teeth Whitening To Enhance the Shade of Your Teeth

With time it is common for your teeth to change color and have stains. The stains are caused by the amount of caffeinated drinks you consume, certain medications, and smoking.  

You can find teeth whitening kits at your local pharmacies, but they are less effective than having professional teeth whitening. 

With the advent of tooth whitening technologies, professional teeth whitening products rely on proven technologies with a higher success rate. 

Root Canals To Repair Infected Tooth 

If one of your teeth is damaged, your dentist will need to open it to perform a deep cleaning to remove the infected tissue in the tooth pulp. Then the tooth is filled and sealed.

Root canals are procedures to treat the core pulp of infected teeth.

The risks of having infected teeth can lead to developing pus, creating a bacterial infection. And if your condition goes untreated, the damage will likely reach the bone around the tooth, making your gums swollen and inflicting pain.

Tooth Extraction To Damaged Teeth 

Tooth extraction is common in cases where the tooth is damaged beyond treatment. In that case, the dentist will suggest the best approach is to perform a tooth extraction. 

There are two techniques used to perform tooth extractions: simple and surgical. A simple extraction is usually used on visible teeth that can be removed by loosening them.

The surgical extraction process is different; the dentist uses this technique to remove teeth that have broken off and have left some debris in the gum. In such a case, your dentist will create a small cut in your gum to remove the tooth debris.

You will require local anesthesia, whether it’s a simple or surgical extraction. Most patients that had a tooth extraction wanted the procedure to remove the wisdom tooth, and it caused them pain.

A dentist usually avoids tooth extraction and prefers other treatments like fillings or crowns; they perform tooth extraction as a last resort.  

Why Have Dental Treatment in Turkey?

The decision to have dental treatment is a personal one. But hundreds of thousands of people are heading to Turkey for dental treatments. 

Success in medical tourism is also experienced in other areas besides dental treatments; Turkey is considered a top destination for Eyecare, plastic surgeries, and weight loss procedures. 

If you are still trying to figure it out, you can compare and review clinics in Turkey to find the right clinic. You will find top dentists who have performed dental surgeries for several years.


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