5 Exotic Animals that Can Be Seen During Amazon Rainforest Tours

Amazon Rainforest Tours

As the most biodiverse environment globally, The Amazon Rainforest tours is filled with animals of all kinds. The jungle is home to a range of insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals, some of which blend into the environment and others that stand out in bold color! There are six hundred different bird species, over four hundred species of mammals, and at least ten different species of monkeys that call The Amazon their home

With such a vast mix of animals, travelers are passionate about touring the Amazon Rainforest, and hope to spot these amazing, exotic animals along the way. It’s not every day you see a jaguar or a puma! Even if jungle cats aren’t your speed (they are a lot faster), you can still witness the gazillions of other animals living in the rainforest. 

While you may expect to see parrots, colorful frogs, and turtles, there are a million other, more thrilling creatures to see on Amazon rainforest tours. Some of them have very important jobs to do. Take the leafcutter ant, for instance; these guys transform poisonous plants into mushrooms you can eat! 

If you’re considering booking Amazon rainforest tours for the wildlife, here are five exotic animals that you might spot on your journey! 

1. The Giant River Otter

After views of fast and ferocious felines, listen for the Giant River otters and their vocabulary of over twenty unique sounds. You can spot these cuties in the lakes during your Amazon rainforest tours. 

2. The Red Howler Monkey  

If you thought giant jungle cats were the only wild animals brave enough to roar, think wildlife. On your Amazon rainforest tours, you might spot a red howler monkey whose roars are heard from miles away. 

3. The One And Only Capybara 

If you’ve ever had a pet guinea pig, you’ll be amazed by capybaras, AKA: the world’s largest rodents, or gigantic guinea pigs that enjoy bathing in freshwater. Capybaras give Michael Phelps a run for his money, as these swimmers can hold their breath underwater for five minutes! 

4. Spot Pink River Dolphins During Amazon Rainforest Tours

Yes, there are PINK dolphins. You’ll spot these fantastic creatures in the Amazon River as well as the tributaries that belong to it. Legend has it that the pink dolphins turn into handsome gentlemen after dark to woe young women! Oh, and keep an eye out for pink dolphin babies that are the standard gray color. 

5. The Spangled Cotinga

One of the unique birds in the world, the Spangled Cotinga, cannot vocalize sound. These birds have beautiful, feathered coats of turquoise and hot pink. (buy zolpidem australia) You can find these beauties way up high in the canopy during your Amazon rainforest tours. 

Book Your Tour For Butterflies And More

We neglect to mention that Amazonian butterflies drink the tears of side-necked turtles to increase salt intake. We do not know what makes the turtles cry, but there is a LOT to experience on an Amazon Rainforest tour. Book yours!



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