5 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin D3

Benefits of Vitamin D3

There are several remarkable benefits of Vitamin D3. Also referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, it is primarily produced in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. Though it is technically classified as a vitamin, D3 normally transforms into a hormone and circulates in the bloodstream, helping with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. While most of the D3 synthesized by the body is used in regulating calcium, this vitamin offers other benefits as well. Here are five you should know about:

Improved Happiness

This may sound a little funny, benefits of Vitamin D3¬†has been linked to improved happiness. The vitamin can significantly help with the reduction of depression, which improves an individual’s disposition. Different studies have found this claim to have merit, and this benefit is regarded by some as a cost-effective therapy for persons at risk of depression. The next time you feel a little unhappy, afford yourself early morning exposure to the sun. Vitamin D3 supplements from Nordic Naturals are great to support immunity and boost mood.

Lowering of Blood Sugar

It has been concluded that Vitamin D3 can be very beneficial to diabetic patients as well as those at risk of diabetes. This is because it has been linked to a slower rise in fasting plasma glucose level. This was confirmed by a study on non-type 2 diabetic patients who were administered Vitamin D3 supplementation for three years. They were found to have a slower rise in fasting plasma glucose. A separate study of type-2 diabetic patients noted that the vitamins supplementation resulted in a decreased level of insulin resistance. Clearly, this can help in controlling blood sugar in diabetic and prediabetic conditions.

Protection against Flu

The flu season is a terrible time for some people. Some cannot survive the season without catching a cold. The benefits of Vitamin D3 can be helpful in protecting us from catching a cold during the season. In a randomized study conducted in Japan, children who received vitamin D3 supplementation were found to be 40% less likely to contract flu than those who were not receiving the supplementation. (provigil online uk) It is known that vitamins strengthen the immune system, and this can be most helpful during flu season.

Improved Memory

Vitamin D3 also has benefits for your brain in the form of improved memory. It has been found that individuals with dementia have lower vitamins than those without dementia. It has also been observed that healthy adults with lower Vitamin D3 perform the poorest on mental tests when compared to those with a high level of the vitamin.

Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body reacts in many ways, and different hormones work in different manners to ensure successful gestation. It has been confirmed that the vitamins can help in varying degrees to keep mother and baby healthy during pregnancy.


There are many benefits of Vitamin D3 to improve mood, reduce stress and depression, lower blood sugar, and keep both the baby and the mother healthy during pregnancy. You can derive all these benefits by exposing yourself to early morning sunshine or taking supplements.



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