Your Guide to CareLogic EMR Software

Your Guide to CareLogic EMR Software

About Carelogic EMR

A web-based digital health records system called CareLogic Enterprise caters to the requirements of professionals in the human services and behavioral health market segment with features like billing, work schedules, medical operations management, revenue monitoring, and ad-hoc reporting. The product meets the requirements of both mid-sized and enterprise-level behavioral health agencies nationwide.

By enabling the best use of financial resources and employees’ hours for direct care, CareLogic EMR software helps management executives streamline their business processes. The product also helps executives realize a faster ROI by proposing low start-up costs and reduced operating costs. The product also provides a direct link to client billing by facilitating a fast and accurate flow of customer records to the billing engine on the same service ticket. CareLogic assists clinical managers by enabling collaboration between numerous health organizations for more coherent care and by offering digitization & alerts to increase risk compliance. By providing features like eliminating revenue loss from missed facilities, increasing collections, lowering account receivable balances & outstandings, reducing medical recoupments, and providing real-time dashboards & forecasting, CareLogic also assists professionals in increasing service billings & decreasing administrative expenditures.

Carelogic EHR Features

  • Improve productivity and perform tasks at the front desk and in the field more effectively by scheduling.
  • Billing and revenue cycle management – The CareLogic claims engine and sophisticated Golden Thread capabilities will increase claims rates and make audits simple.
  • Analytics and reporting – A large collection of dynamic, interactive reports and dashboards.
  • Share real-time insights among teams using performance dashboards to find areas for development and increase output.
  • Tools for creating custom forms – Create workflows that are specific to your organization to gather documentation.
  • The Golden Thread: Ensure that all documentation accurately incorporates assessment and treatment plan information.
  • Interdisciplinary treatment plan – Using a streamlined, incredibly adaptable treatment plan workflow increase staff productivity.
  • Better client outcomes are supported by IMPACT for outcomes management’s integrated, all-inclusive screening, assessment, and outcome instruments.
  • Driving improvements in outcomes and care with clinical quality measures (CQM) dashboards and reports
  • ePrescribing – By managing prescriptions online, you can address patient safety issues and lower the risk of error.
  • Utilize a mobile solution at the point of care irrespective of internet connectivity by using a mobile application.
  • Support the three objectives of better patient care, better health outcomes, and lower costs by engaging consumers

Carelogic EMR Benefits

  • Implementation: Moving healthcare providers successfully from the current platform to CareLogic is made simple by the close collaboration of managers, trainers, technical analysts, subject matter experts, and system administrators.
  • Support: To ensure quick resolution of issues, its support team has personnel with specific EHR expertise, such as billing claims or reports.
  • Online Customer Community: Provides a web-based social network where users can chat, write blogs, send private messages to other users, post and answer questions, and share information.
  • Integrations: Its committed staff can help users manage projects from start to finish and manage IT operations.
  • Sharing Capabilities: Permits viewing of the patient’s medical history through admission, discharge, transfer messages, and continuity of care with nearby hospitals.

Carelogic EMR pros and cons


  • Ease of Use: 92 percent of reviewers who mention the ease of use agree that the software is simple to use and comprehend.
  • Customize: Over 72% of reviewers who specified customization observed that its forms and features could be tailored to suit any use case.
  • 85 percent of users who were asked about navigation said that it was simple to move around the different tools and options.
  • Configure: Around 73 percent of reviewers who specify configuration noted that the system is highly configurable


  • Reporting: According to 74% of reviewers who bring up reporting, it has a limited canned reporting feature.
  • Updates: Every user who mentions updates points out that the rollout of fresh updates takes time.
  • Tickets: 58 percent of reviewers who specifically mentioned tickets claimed that the system’s ticketing was unresponsive and sometimes hard to understand.
  • Freeze: Every user who has mentioned performance reports that it frequently freezes, which has an impact on user performance.


Carelogic Reviews

Customers can work effectively, connect strategically, and make data-driven decisions thanks to CareLogic’s user-friendly behavioral health and human services EHR platform. It is a very flexible system that can accommodate use cases and requirements specific to a company. Although its seamless navigational capabilities can improve customer satisfaction, it does not offer users user-friendly reports. Numerous reviewers have complained about the ticketing system’s sometimes annoying responses. Performance can also be hampered by slow updates and frequent freezing problems.

Carelogic EHR Substitute – Medhost Software

If you didn’t already know, MEDHOST has been offering healthcare facilities of all shapes and sizes health IT solutions and services for more than 35 years. One of the first EHR providers to obtain the ONC 2015 Edition certification needed for CMS MU Stage III was Medhost EMR. In order to provide patient-centered care, doctors developed the Medhost EHR Software. Documentation is supposed to be simpler and more effective with a user-friendly interface.


It is a potent EHR for emergency departments (EDs) that can help hospitals decrease errors in documentation, increase revenue, increase patient throughput, and improve patient satisfaction. Users adore this software because of its superior characteristics, which primarily increase productivity.


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Last Few Words!

A web-based electronic health record system called CareLogic qualifacts is ONC-certified and was created specifically for behavioral (mental) health and social service organizations. A wide range of clinical, administrative, and financial tasks, such as scheduling, enrollment, care plans, benefits supporting documents, electronic prescribing, patient retention, billing, and reporting, are supported by this fully customizable EHR software for healthcare providers.



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