Why Traditional Gold Jewellery is The Ideal Accessory?

Traditional Gold Jewellery


Traditional gold jewellery is much more than just an accessory. It is something that symbolises tradition and heritage. Trends have come and gone, but gold jewellery has always remained the favourite. 

No jewellery collection is complete without that intricate necklace or those heavy gold bangles loved for their vintage vibes and promise of quality. There are several great reasons why the fashion and retail industry is turning back towards gold jewellery in a big way. 

Here’s why traditional gold jewellery stands out and is the ideal accessory:

Gold means sustainable fashion

With most people now becoming more conscious shoppers, gold is amongst the best guilt-free things to purchase. The reason is simple- gold lasts forever. Whether it’s that chunky choker studded with gemstones or those classic gold jhumkas, they are going to stay with you for life. 

This is in contrast to all those fashion and costume jewellery pieces that end up in a landfill once their fad passes. Gold, on the other hand, has a universal appeal and ranks no less on the fashion quotient. Being a solid and durable metal, gold will never break or warp. Since it is one of the least reactive elements, it will also never lose its sheen or rust. 

It is a great investment 

Unlike cars or designer clothes that lose their value over time, gold tends to age well. So, the fine gold jewellery that you bought today will keep growing in its valuation. One major factor that decides how valuable your gold jewellery currently is and how it might appreciate over time depends on its purity and value.

You should always consider the karat value of your traditional gold jewellery pieces. And, if your jewellery is studded with gemstones, consider both the karat and carat values. If your jewellery is 24k, it’s 100% pure. 18k jewellery is 75% gold and 14k jewellery is 58.3% gold. So, if you are thinking of buying gold jewellery as an investment, you will want to choose it in 24k.

It is classic and contemporary both

Being classy and contemporary is a rare quality that traditional gold jewellery seems to possess. Contrary to the popular notion that traditional gold jewellery is goes well with casual occasions and outfits both. 

Wearing gold jewellery with western outfits is much in vogue right now. For instance, an oversized gold cuff bracelet looks great when paired with a white T-shirt and denim. A gold choker goes very well with an off-shoulder cocktail dress. The choices of mixing and matching are endless, all you need to do is to be a little more creative.

It can be refreshed and repurposed

With traditional gold jewellery, nothing ever really goes waste. Jewellers readily accept heirloom pieces in exchange for more contemporary jewellery. Alternatively, if you have a vintage piece but can’t find a purpose for it, you also have the choice of getting it melted and designing something entirely new from it.

For example, old gold bangles that are too heavy or flashy for you can be easily repurposed into simple bracelets for daily use. Or, those broken earrings can be made into a sleek chain and a pendant set. 

Keeps craftsmanship alive

Your traditional gold jewellery pieces look gorgeous for a reason. Think naqashi, kunndan, meenakari, filigree, and more. Gold jewellery has more added value than just precious metals and gemstones. Its value is also derived from artful expressions and superb craftsmanship. 

So, when you wear that kamarbandh or that bajubandh, you are not just accentuating your looks but are also supporting the karigars or the craftsmen. Their centuries-old art forms are indispensable and must be always kept alive for the coming generations. 

Trends may come and go, but traditional gold jewellery will always hold sentimental and traditional value. And with such great plusses, you can easily get a more sustainable and unique wardrobe.


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