Why practice these five sports


The majority of people who practice a sport on a daily basis do it because they like it and enjoy it, and only a small group do it because they know that it can have a big impact on their health.

All sports we know are beneficial to our health, both physically and mentally. Amongst the most popular are football, basketball, golf, tennis and boxing.

Do you want to know why playing these five sports is the best decision you can make?


Although there is no record of this sport being played until 1863, it is known that a similar game was already being played in the Middle Ages in Great Britain. It was very violent and there were hardly any rules, so it was decided to create the Cambridge code, with which to build the rules that apply to modern football.

Football is suitable for everyone, and helps prevent obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Regarding mental health, it has been shown that there is an improvement in people with depression, as it is a team sport in which each player is essential, so the person is involved and feels that they are an important part.


Despite what people think, basketball is not originally from the United States. It was in an American school where it began to be promoted, owing a lot of its fame to this country. However, it has its origins in Colombia in 1925. 

It may seem that it is a sport that is always behind football. Although, basketball is gaining more fans beyond the United States.

For example, the Philippines has been established as the country with the second largest number of basketball fans. The Filipinos have their own league called PBA, being big fans of the NBA clearly shows. With betting on the American basketball league has been increasing in the country through licensed providers such as SBO. Now you can consult statistics for the best user experience and prepare your bet. This is in addition to the best strategies, banking options and sports betting bonuses, all easily and safely.

Amongst the great benefits of playing basketball we can find: the improvement of motor skills, the development of mental speed, the stimulation of the cardiovascular system, the transmission of values and muscle strengthening, boosting confidence and reducing stress, amongst others.


Establishing the origins of golf is virtually impossible. Some historians claim that it was created during the Roman Empire, while others say it was in Medieval Scotland. What is clear is that ball and club games have been around for hundreds of years, and that golf is one of the most beneficial sports for those who choose to play it.

It is said that playing golf increases life expectancy by up to 5 years, as well as reducing excess weight and strengthening muscles and bones. In addition, like the other two sports mentioned above, it is also good for reducing stress and supporting the heart. Golf can also increase vitamin D levels.


The Persians and Egyptians were already playing tennis in the 6th century BC; although, they had to play with their hands. Centuries later, it was the Greeks and Romans who popularised the game amongst the population, and thanks to them it reached all the Mediterranean countries.

Tennis can have a different impact on children and adults, therefore different benefits.

On one hand, tennis promotes teamwork, social skills, coordination and balance for younger players. It also helps them to think strategically and solve problems, giving them confidence. On the other hand, tennis aids adults to keep their bones strong and train their cardiovascular system. It also reduces stress and helps to lose weight and build new social relationships.


This sport has been practiced since the beginning of time. Imagine boxing in 1500 BC in Iraq, or taking part in the Olympics in ancient Greece but only with gloves that left the fingers free.

The Romans, introduced a variation on the gloves by adding iron spikes to them, which were used to kill the opponent. This was because boxing started out as a slave sport, and only the best were allowed to go free.

Nowadays, nobody takes up boxing for the same purpose as in ancient times. Instead, they practice it because it helps them lose weight, reduce stress, tone muscles, improve concentration and increase self-confidence.

If you are someone who is looking to disconnect, de-stress or for health reasons needs to practice a sport, which one would you choose?



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