Why It Is Essential for the Kids to Exercise

Essential for the Kids

The kids of the past used to be healthier than they are today. Look around. You will find many children and pre-teens who are obese and unhealthy. It is essential that the kids start exercising early to stay fit. Exercising will also promote healthy development and growth. Besides, they will be able to pick up a good habit early on in life and will be more likely to follow it later. However, going to a health club or gym at such a young age is not always recommended because it can cause an injury. Indoor gyms for kids are better. A parent can then supervise what the child is doing and what is Essential for the Kids .

WHO Recommends Exercising for the Kids

According to the World Health Organization, adolescents and children who exercise for an hour daily can improve their fitness and health. Studies have also shown that their weight composition gets better too. So WHO has recommended aerobic exercises, including swimming, cycling, and running. Vigorous exercises are also recommended.

There is evidence that shows gym and resistance training can boost muscular and aerobic fitness in children. It can also improve balance, bone density, and fat-free mass. Studies carried out between 1980-2008 have revealed a 30 to 50 percent improvement in strength after exercising for 8 to 12 weeks. But for this, it is essential to exercise two times a week. Also, each gym session should have 6 to 8 exercises.

The studies also showed that the kid’s lost their strength gains at 3 percent every week once they stopped exercising.

Injuries Caused by Unsupervised Training

There is, however, the risk of injury. 8 to 19-year-old children suffered a total of 22956 injuries in 2006 caused by weight lifting. Most of them were growth plate fractures and lower back injuries, caused by free weights.

Indoor Gym

On further investigation, it was seen that these injuries were almost always caused by equipment misuse, poor technique, wrong choice of weight, and lack of supervision.

So, while fitness for kids is very important for their health, it is also essential that we as parents are always very careful.

What kind of exercises are they doing?
Are they always being supervised?
Are they selecting the right equipment?
Have adequate precautions been taken?
Are they warming up and cooling down?

There are so many questions to ask and so many worries. It is natural that the parents will be worried if their children are going to the gym at an early age. Kids indoor gym equipment for the home can remove these worries.

Benefits of Indoor Gyms for Kids

You can seriously think of installing an indoor gym in your home if you are living with children. Indoor gyms for kids by fitnesskid offer many advantages.


You will be able to plan the workout of your child. You can show him or her how to do the exercises firsthand, see how the child is performing, and then make the necessary corrections. You will also be able to take all necessary precautions. You can set limits more easily on the extent of the exercises. After all, there is no gym trainer who will be more careful and vigilant when it comes to your children.

Also, having a kid’s gym at home means both of you can also do the workouts together. Doing gym with kids can be a lot of fun. When she sees you working out, she will certainly feel inspired herself. This will prevent a drop in motivation. She will thus be more likely to carry on.

Of course, there are some other advantages as well of having kid’s indoor gym equipment. For example, you will be able to work out even on a rainy day. Plus, you will save money towards paying for the gym every month.

But make sure that the child’s gym time is not just about exercising. Focus on sports and make it fun. She will then enjoy the workouts even more.

Benefits of Physical Activity

Physical activity is not just about losing weight or building muscles. It is also about adequate moving so that you breathe heavily, sweat, and become short of breath. Physical activity helps children in many ways –

It helps them maintain muscles and healthy bones
Improves the joints
It helps in maintaining a healthy body mass index
Reduce the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes later on in life
Helps them develop better balance
Improves motor skills
Sharpens the reflexes
Improves balance and posture
Improves the bone density
Enhances the ability to concentrate and focus better
Boosts their self-esteem
It helps the kids fall asleep easily and improve the quality of sleep
Play also builds creativity and imagination

Apart from health benefits, physical activity also improved the behavioral and mental abilities of children. You can see its benefit in social behavior and school performance. The attention span of your son or daughter is also likely to improve. It can reduce depression, tension, and anxiety.

Your neighborhood gym is probably good. But nothing compares with indoor gym for kids for the home. So stop searching for a gym “near me”. You can seriously think of installing a kid’s gym at home.

There are all sorts of children’s gym set available that you can look into. There is equipment to train specific parts of the body as well. Not just your child, you may also be able to do fitness training with some of them for your own health gain.

Is There Any Risk?

To be honest, there is always a little bit of risk. But it will be much less than sending your kid to a community health club. If you supervise closely, then the risk will be much the same as any sporting activity.

Avoid if there is a specific health condition, if your child is on medications, or is prone to having seizures. In such cases, use the children’s gym set only after getting professional consultation.


Make sure that your child does 6 to 8 exercises in each session at least two to three days a week to get the best result. also, ensure that she is warming up adequately before exercising. This will improve the blood flow to her muscles. She must also cool down to allow quick recovery. Also, make sure that the child is resting for a couple of minutes at least between two exercises. Follow these basic recommendations that are Essential for the Kids , and home workouts will both be fun and effective.


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