Why Do Men Wear Underwear: The Reason Why?

Why Do Men Wear Underwear

Have you shopped for clothes recently? When was the last time you shopped for clothes? When was the last time you shopped for underwear? Recently? A few months back? Imagine not having to shop for underwear. While this might sound convenient, it also sounds quite unimaginable. Underwear almost feels like a basic need. One of our first requirements while packing for a trip is usually to make sure that sufficient underwear is present. But it is also essential to understand the reason behind this. The question must often arise and understanding the reason behind putting on fresh underwear daily might help. Let’s see why do men wear underwear.

Why do men use underwear?

While social norms do dictate certain rules, one of them is wearing a fresh pair of underwear, it might be useful in understanding some of the real reasons behind wearing underwear. Firstly, it provides certain support that is needed. Just like women require bras, men also feel the need to provide some kind of support to their genitals, especially while running, jumping or even walking around. Along with support, it also provides an extra layer of protection against rashes and skin infections. During any kind of physical exertion, underwear helps in keeping the genitals relatively dry, which is why it is also preferred to wear one with regard to the hygiene factor. 

Should men use underwear?

Yes, men should wear underwear, in fact, clean underwear is much needed. It is unclear as to why some might prefer to go commando in terms of more comfort or more freedom, but perhaps finding the right kind and the right size underwear should help take care of the comfort issue. Wearing underwear would ensure that a lot of hygiene problems are taken care of and also helps in creating a decent image while presenting oneself out in public. There are several kinds of men’s underwear that are now available resulting in a wide range being provided for different men according to different needs. 

What is the purpose of wearing underwear?

There are several purposes of wearing underwear. The main reason behind wearing underwear is to avoid any chafing or any kind of infection. It also helps in avoiding embarrassing moments such as sweat stains or accidents down there. While underwear simply means an extra layer of clothing, it actually results in providing more comfort resulting in increasing one’s confidence in the public. It might take some getting used to at first, but after a while, going anywhere without a pair of underwear would seem unimaginable. Wearing clean underwear also helps in following public decency. Also, considering all the risk factors, wearing underwear is actually a smart choice. 

What happens if you don’t wear underwear?

There are several benefits to wearing underwear, and if for any reason you decide to go commando, there are several risks that you are prone to too. Not wearing underwear means that you are prone to easily getting hurt and to more injuries. This could lead to rashes and, if not treated, could even result in infections. This might get even worse if it is ignored and left untreated. It is also natural for irritation to occur around the genital area. Not wearing underwear would lead to more injuries and greatly compromise one’s hygiene.  

Is it bad to never wear underwear?

Perhaps not wearing underwear during the nights or sometimes can result in providing more breathing space and circulation, and can overall help in getting quite comfortable. However, never wearing underwear at all would require some thinking and consideration. It would require careful thought put into your outside clothes to avoid any kind of embarrassment in public. It would also provide quite a hassle if you found yourself working out without underwear. The smell and sweat near the genital region would cause some infections and result in you and others around you feeling quite unhygienic. It would also result in more injuries or at the very least some micro-cuts resulting in being uncomfortable. Without underwear, you would also be more exposed to public bacteria, dust, and germs. Thus, it would not be advisable to completely drop the idea of wearing underwear. 



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