Who Will Get Vaccine First? What Are the Determining Factors?

Who will get vaccine first? What are the determining factors?

Pharmaceuticals companies Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer, are ready with updates on coronavirus vaccine. Vaccines will soon be available to the public. The question that arises next is who will get vaccine first?

Who will get vaccine first?

According to a recent update, around 20 million healthcare workers will get priority for vaccination. They have been tirelessly helping people recover and risking their own lives throughout the pandemic.

Healthcare workers are also keeping their clinics and hospitals functioning, not only fighting coronavirus but also other health conditions. The CDC’s advisory panel suggested that they should be the first ones to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The people who will be first in line will be healthcare workers, essential workers, and correspondents. Other priority group includes the elderly and people with underline conditions.

There is still a debate going on to determine who will get the vaccine first. The authorities are considering aspects like occupation, age, and current health status to choose the same. (Phentermine) However, young adults who have lesser chances of a fatality are lower on receiving the vaccine. 

The vaccinations are going to start by Spring or early Summers of 2021 positively. 

Benefits and side effects of vaccines

Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have more than 90% efficacy. Both provide two vaccine doses each for one person. And they will be given within a span of 3 to 4 weeks from one another.

AstraZeneca vaccine is also showing a positive response. One person who received the first dose was reportedly 90% safe from the virus before the next dose. Another dosing regimen showed 62% efficacy from the first dose. The person received another dose after one month, and the average efficacy was recorded at 70%. Thus, the approval might take time. 

The Pfizer product is already rolling in for usage in the UK. It has some side effects like pain in the injection site, chills, fatigue, and fever. 

Pain in the injection site is the same for Moderna as well. People can also have a headache and muscle ache. 

There are no side effects reported by AstraZeneca as yet.

Vaccine cost

Moderna has asked for emergency authorization of their vaccine. This means that the US government will soon authorize and distribute two vaccines within the next few weeks.

The government has already purchased 100 million doses of each type of vaccine. Since taxpayers have paid the money, the vaccines will be distributed for free.

Even after taking the vaccine, people are advised to maintain social distancing and wear masks. Healthcare experts don’t see going back to normalcy for many months now. 


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