Where to Get Custom Portraits?

Great Custom Portraits

Custom portraits are the new trendsetters for sharing love with your dear ones on any special occasion. Of course, you can find a bounty of valuable, expensive, or readily available presents. But, to give someone the essence of love and happiness in the form of a gift is rare. 

If you give someone a gift of custom portraits from photos, you’re giving them a memory that they have already lived. If you get to capture it for infinity, then it stays with you forever. You will be reminded of happy times and can narrate its stories to whoever passes by it whenever you look at it.

Other than those generic pictures to paint, there are a lot of ideas for custom portraits. You get a picture-perfect painting for yourself or your loved ones as a decorative piece for homes, offices, or another workplace, from artistic canvas to metal frames. Tap into this segment and learn about these custom portraits canvas and much more.

Custom Couples Paintings

It’s common to give photo frames and large collages as presents at weddings and birthdays. But, gifting the same photograph with a classic touch of handmade paintings is new. Many artists customize couples or personalized photographs to portraits from their camera rolls. 

These can be customized, allowing you to choose a color palette to suit your preferences. You can even add flowers or motifs to incorporate a beautiful appearance. The final portrait will be framed adequately with high-quality borders and support to last long. 

You can include a series of portraits in the same manner to have a symmetrical collection all through your place. One for the bedroom, one for the living area, or a clubbed pack of four such paintings at the entrance hall!

Wedding Vows Art Print Poster

Besides your customized paintings, you can switch to a unique idea of wedding art print posters. Everyone wishes to relive the moments of their wedding, especially the wedding vows. So why not capture the once-in-lifetime moment forever. 

Hanging the heartfelt messages of love and commitment in your home gives a surreal feeling mixed with a thousand moments whenever you read it. To customize this idea, all you need to do is send your handwritten vows, or if you wish to follow a specific font, you can choose the same from digital options. 

You can get your aesthetic photographs of holding hands together or a beautiful picture from the pre-wedding collection as the background to make it more appealing and attractive. Imprinting your words over the portraiture is possibly the best and most meaningful gift you can give to your partner. 

Metal Prints 

The artwork of the modern generation of artists is more versatile and glamorous than ever. Artists have begun to use metal prints made by painting a 16-inch piece of aluminum.

The glossy nature of the metal aluminum imparts a lustrous surface for rich colors to shine bright. A stunning artwork becomes more lively on the metal prints. You can get these customized just like other personalized portraits. 

Metal print artworks are protected by wooden framing, and this framing is comparatively thicker than the usual ones. It consists of a wire at its backside for handing it on the wall. In addition, there is a space for a nail that provides an easy attachment.

Canvas and Acrylic Prints

Great Custom Portraits are mostly painted on canvas and are the viable option amongst all the others. On the contrary, acrylic prints are less known and not feasible due to their soaring prices. But, Acrylic prints are style statements and worth the price they charge. 

On the other hand, Canvas prints are reliable, authentic, and similar to original artworks. Artists of all generations preferred canvas as their primary surface for the painting. However, acrylics make the painting appealing, crystal clear, and crisp in the spectators’ eyes. 

If you curate a painting of yourself on canvas, you need to preserve it more carefully because watercolors tend to wash off quickly. But, it’s not the case with acrylic prints. They are not only dense but also long-lasting when it comes to both appearance and maintenance. 

By providing an excellent finish to your portraiture, it is easy to manage them. Their colors get absorbed in the surface properly and cannot be washed off easily. It is suggested to always go for acrylics over watercolors canvas prints for the desired custom portrait.

Wood Print Artworks 

To have a rustic and homey feel that makes your living area look elegant, you must consider wood print artworks as your perfect fit. Wood prints come directly on a ¼ thick piece of advanced quality maple wood. 

Generally, the wood sides are left blank to allow the wood to peek through. However, customizing portraits on wooden frames can be an expensive option as not all colors look that bright on wood. 

With thick brushstrokes and pearl-like colors, wooden print artworks are high maintenance. But these can be stored for a long time because, unlike canvas artworks, you need not worry much about damage. In addition, you can find all the necessary hardware at its backside for effortless hanging and attachment on the wall surface. 

The Bottom Line 

Drawing photos to paintings has never been that easy if customization of portraits was not an option. Now, you can quickly get your photographs handcrafted into custom portraits online. There are a lot of art websites that help you do the same. All you need is to choose what base, framing and the kind of portrait you want and consider it done. Then, they are delivered to your doorstep with utmost care and within no time.


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