What to Do If Your Aging Parent Needs Help

aging parent

Around a quarter of adults over the age of 55 in the United States suffer from a mental disorder. Elderly adults not only have to deal with mental disorders but also physical setbacks, which can make them feel helpless and angry. If you have noticed that your parents are struggling in areas where they previously didn’t, it may be time to seek care. Continue reading to discover the most important steps to taking care of an aging parent so that they can be happy and healthy!

Talk to Them

The first step in handling an aging parent is to have an open and honest conversation with them.

Older adults can feel like their rights are being taken away, especially when told not to do things that they once could. Discuss the areas that your parents are struggling in with them so that you can move forward as a family. Although this may be a difficult conversation, it is necessary and can be done with the help of other family members.

Know What They Need

Caring for aging parents can be difficult if you don’t understand their basic needs and health.

If you are trying to help your parents, you will need to consider their safety, mental health, and medical needs, assisted living facilities in Santa Monicaassisted living facilities in Santa Monica. When walking becomes an issue, older people must be watched so that they don’t fall and hurt themselves. Make sure that wherever they go, they can receive this care. You should also think about their meals and how they will get access to food.

Understand Your Capabilities

Many people lose who they are while trying to care for others. Although it is good to take care of someone, you can’t do so if your health is in decline.

After you have identified what your parent needs from you, you need to decide if you are in a position to care for them. If you are struggling to keep up with work while taking care of them, you should consider help from respite care or an at-home-aid. Another thing to think about is finances. Are you able to pay for their care or will government assistance be needed?

You may have to learn things along the way if you take care of them, so be prepared.

Provide a Safe Home

Whether your parent is staying in your extra bedroom at the house or in a long-term care facility, they should be in a safe environment.

Grab bars and stools can help your parent if they tend to fall. You should make sure that their home is free of obstacles and messes to keep them from hurting themselves too. Try your best to ensure that everything they need is within reaching distance too. (buy zolpidem overseas)

Use Resources

Aging adults tend to require special needs and assistance. Fortunately, there are many offices and resources to find help. When searching online, you can contact a trusted assisted living placement agency that can help you find the best assisted living home for your parents.

Care managers and assisted living communities offer help to elderly people so that they can live their life as normal as possible. They plan and manage their daily routine and activities through advanced softwares such as activity calendars so that elderlypeople can live a smooth and hassle free life.  There are many transportation services that help take them to appointments and shopping dates.

The Area Agency on Aging is an excellent government program that can get them acess to money and care.

Do You Have an Aging Parent?

An aging parent can be a lot to handle when you have a family of your own.

If you are helping your parents find a good place to live in, you should think about their basic needs and medical restrictions. The more that you can d to keep them comfortable, the happier and healthier they can be.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself while caring for them, it is easy to get consumed and exhausted. Luckily, there is care all around.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about caring for elderly family members and how you can help keep them happy!


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