What to Do Before You Bid Goodbye to Your Junk Car

Your Junk Car

There are plenty of reasons why you may consider junking your car instead of trading it in for a new one. An accident may have totaled it, or it is so old that no amount of repairs will keep it in a running condition anymore. You may also need to remove one rusting in your yard for many years. Even though you may not realize it, selling an old car to a junkyard can still fetch you a decent amount of money since these vehicles have a lot of steel, aluminum, and other metals that can be recycled. (Valium) Further, many yards also sell the parts and components to other car owners looking for cheap replacements. Some handy tips to keep in mind before Your Junk Car:

Remove Your Personal Belongings

If you have owned your car for many years, it will have become an extension of your home. Surveys have revealed that about one-third of all owners clean their cars only once a year, and a whopping 12% never clean them. It means that besides the seats and carpet being dirty, you might have left valuable belongings in them and forgotten about them. It is a good idea to go through your car before you deliver it to the junkyard or they come to take it away. You may be surprised to find things you had assumed you had lost a long time back. You should go over places like the glove box, the cubby holes, under the seats, the seat pockets, and the trunk since they are the most common areas where you might discover valuables. You don’t need to clean the outside or inside of the car because the junkyard will rip it apart and recover the scrap metal.

Ensure You Have All the Papers

When negotiating with the salvage yard, you should check the documents they require from you to comply with the local rules and regulations governing the disposal of cars. Some dealers are stricter than others and demand all the official papers before they buy a junk car, while others are more flexible. However, you can be sure that the price the junkyard offers will be significantly less if you do not have the documents in order. If you want a smooth transaction, it is always better for you to hunt through your papers and fish out the car’s documents that establish you own the car and it is not stolen property so that the transfer of title is complete when junking your car. A proper transfer of title ensures that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle and hence not responsible for it. If you cannot locate the car’s papers, you can check out the office of your local DMV regarding the compliance needed to junk your car, and obtain a fresh set of papers from it, if necessary. However, you will need to be patient as the process can take some time, according to https://www.junkcargenie.com/.

Remove the License Plates

Since license plates and car ownership go hand in hand, you must take the trouble of removing the plates from the car before handing over the vehicle to the salvage yard. There is every possibility that the local law requires you to submit your plates to the DMV when requesting the cancellation of your title. If you execute a proper sale contract with the junkyard, they can undertake the process, but you must ensure that the sale papers are complete and you are no longer the legal owner of the vehicle. According to JD Powers, the license plates do not get transferred with the car title. You may like to retain the old plates as a token of your lovely memories of the trips you had made in the car.

Ask the Dealer about Parts and Accessories

Some dealers who deal only in scrap metals do not care about the rest of the stuff in the car like seats, windshields, alternators, batteries, music systems, navigation systems, headlights, taillights, etc. If you are selling the junk car to such a dealer, you can, if you want, remove all parts and accessories, and sell them as a lot to businesses that deal in them or to individual buyers online through social media and other channels. If you have permission to strip the car, make sure you take all safety precautions. Hiring a mechanic to do the job can be better if you are willing to spend a little extra.

Invite Offers from Multiple Dealers

The junk car business is quite competitive and ruthless. If you sell your car to the first junkyard you come across, likely, you may not receive what you deserve because typically, salvage yards start with a low figure anticipating hard bargaining by the seller. If you do not know this or are a poor negotiator, you will end up selling your junk car for a pittance. You are likely to get better offers if you take the trouble of contacting multiple salvage car dealers, however, you should restrict your search to businesses in the same area. It does not make sense for salvage yards to buy cars located a long way off due to the high cost of transporting the vehicle. You can save a lot of time and effort by locating salvage car dealers online. You need to have all the details of your car, including the make, model, year of manufacture, and plenty of photos of the car so that the dealers can make you a realistic offer without needing to inspect the vehicle.


When you want to sell your junk car, you will naturally want to get the best price and a smooth transaction without getting cheated in any way. The secret is in avoiding small unregistered businesses that are only interested in ripping you off. You should, instead, focus on identifying a reputed junk car salvage business with a professional attitude and a clean business policy. It is better not to succumb to the greed of a high price only to discover that it was a fraud and the promised money never follows. 


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