What should you check before ordering a smoker’s box online?

smoker's box

Stoners and recreational smokers know it’s a perfect day when every hit releases them into a world of their own making, communicating with their innermost recesses. But to do that, you need the proper tools or accessories to have the optimum smoking experience. You could do without one, but it will feel somehow incomplete. There is something called a smokers box that contains all the essential accessories in one place. Almost everything you need for an enjoyable smoking session and maintenance purposes, later on, can be found in that box. Before you go ahead and order one for yourself online, these are some things that you should check out.

 What is a smoker’s box?

As the name suggests, it is a box that contains all the essential smoking accessories, from glass pieces to rolling trays. The advantage of ordering one online is that you get all the items in one place without searching individually for each of them. It is an excellent way of enhancing your bong collection and showing it off to your smoking buddies. You can also give a box of this type to a cannabis lover. 

Why should you get a new box?

The reasons behind getting a new box containing all the smoking accessories are many. Perhaps your old glass pipe doesn’t feel suitable, and you want a new one with a different shape, color, and size. Or you’ve used up all your rolling papers and cones and need them in the shortest time available. Even if you receive items that you may not require at present, there are chances that you will do so in the future. A significant advantage of ordering online is getting the product at a lower price than a traditional shop. Several online smoke store companies also offer gift boxes with every order you make. 

Things to check before ordering a box online

What are the items available inside?

Before ordering the box online, check what kind of items are available. The store should include glass pipes, chillums, glass one-hitters, rolling trays, filter pipes, herb grinders, rolling trays, and other items. It would also be helpful if you saw the number of pieces available for each item. Any standard box will have all the things mentioned above.

What is the shipping policy?

Almost any online smoking store will have a shipping policy mentioned on its website. Read the shipping policy carefully, paying close attention to delivery time and days on which the service is available. At the same time, ask them what happens if you receive your product or certain parts of it in a damaged condition. For example, if you receive a glass pipe, which is undoubtedly one of the main items in the box, in a cracked or slightly chipped state, it will be next to useless. Some stores also have a free shipping policy for orders with a minimum price limit.

Cancellation policy 

Browse the website for the cancellation policy and if there is a refund available. Some stores might allow a refund. Others may not. Ask them if there is an option for delaying your order, and if so, by how many days. You could also choose to call the customer service number mentioned on the website (it will usually be stated at the end of the webpage) or an email where you can address your concerns.

Having a smoker’s box is essential if you want to have the optimum cannabis smoking experience. The way to do that is to order online from a smoke store since it is convenient, and you might even benefit from discounts from time to time. 



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