What Is Surrogacy?

What Is Surrogacy

Being able to expand your family is a great opportunity and there are many ways to do it. Of course, there’s a natural way to conceive a child, but not all couples can have a baby through conception. This is why being able to pursue surrogacy is a great thing modern medicine provides for us – this way, many intended parents can expand their family and fulfill their dreams of having a child of their own! 

A Brief Introduction to Surrogacy process 

Surrogacy process begins with finding the right surrogacy agency and signing on with them. After that, your agency finds an egg or a sperm donor for you and the medical staff included in the process ensures that the match is right. If you match with the donor, the next big step begins – doctors specializing in reproduction create an embryo! 

After creating the embryo, your agency will find the best suitable surrogate mother who will dedicate her uterus, time and energy to growing your baby inside her. The time it takes to find you the perfect surrogate match varies, depending on your own preferences, requirements, and legal needs. The exact match time is something to speak with your agency representatives because it’s different for everyone. 

Once you find a surrogate mother, the embryo will be transferred to her, using the help of fertility experts. This marks the start of the most enjoyable process – pregnancy! Your surrogacy agency will control the smooth going of the pregnancy and will make sure that your surrogate stays healthy and happy. After 9 months, you will get to see your baby for the first time and take him/her home to start a new life together.

There are many cases where the couple who wants to pursue surrogacy wants to use their own eggs and sperm. If that’s the case, then the surrogacy process moves on faster since the donor is not needed to create an embryo that will turn into a baby in 9 exciting months. 

A little bit about Be parent 

Be Parent is a surrogacy agency based in Georgia which operates in Cyprus and Argentina, along with Georgia. Our team is led by a passion-driven, experienced group of individuals who are dedicated to help couples of all statuses to expand their families.

Making miracles happen is their day-to-day motivation – since their team members have had their own experience with surrogacy, they value the support and the true bliss of making others’ dreams a reality that a surrogacy agency can provide for intended parents of all statuses. 

Years of their devoted, tireless work and effort have made more than 214 intended parents  experience the boundless joy of parenthood – their carefully tailored programs, they’ve managed to achieve a 99% success rate for those who had a baby from their first transfer, or completed at least two transfers.


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