What Are Teeth Implants?

Teeth Implants

What Kind of teeth Implants?

When someone says, “I’m going to get implants” what do you immediately think of? Well, that will have to be entirely dependent upon your demographic. If you are a woman of a certain age you may be thinking of breast implants or injections in your buttocks. If you are a man of a certain age you may be considering pectoral or penile implants. In today’s society, there are so many surgical enhancements that people are enjoying that are within the purview of their income, that implants could truly mean anything. It is fairly common for people to get implanted follicles atop their heads when they begin to go bald, for example.


For most of human history, when discussing implants, the person was likely discussing teeth implants of various kinds. For example, bridges are a form of tooth implant that affixes a veneered tooth to the adjacent tooth. Some can be easily moved and are easily movable, and some are affixed permanently until a dentist or dental technician has it surgically removed from your mouth. In this way, many implants are temporary and transient in the same way that breast implants must be updated every five to ten years depending upon the materials contained within the Teeth Implants.

Teeth are such an important portion of how we present ourselves in society. When people poll insecure teenagers and young adults, they find that youngsters are incredibly sensitive about their smiles. Did you know that public speaking is the number one thing most people in the world fear? For those of you with beautiful smiles and relaxed temperaments, you may not know that much of this fear has to do with not just sounding idiotic in front of people, but also the self-presentation of your smile, face and the issues that may arise with first impressions click here to learn more about the psychology behind first impressions. Teeth are a critically important portion of how first impressions go, and people are very sensitive about being judged for having poor teeth.

Smiles Are Important

You may not think you possess any bias towards or against people with specific types of smiles. However, studies have shown that people in certain cultures have expectations of what beautiful teeth look like. Beauty is not something we automatically decide for ourselves. The group of people we are socialized in determines the way we view ourselves, beauty, and ourselves within the context of what is beautiful. As a result, the dominant culture and its specific way of wearing teeth may spur you to get an implant to replace a missing tooth or two in our culture, whereas in other cultures a missing tooth may not have much bearing on how someone views you or perceives your beauty.

For example, Japan during the Tokugawa Period was about to undergo a massive restoration and revitalization. It is during this era that the blackening of teeth (https://historyofyesterday.com/the-japanese-teeth-blackening-culture-3f320759f118) became a massive beauty standard for Japanese women to be considered gorgeous and breathtaking. During the Meiji Restoration, this was challenged as colonialism arrived on the shores of Japan via European colonizers who sought to extend their influence in the Asian region to gain a foothold on trade routes. In so doing, Europeans exported their beauty ideals to this part of the world in order to ultimately have an effect on their economic bottom lines.


You may not immediately see the link between these two concepts, but beauty is a very important socio-cultural tool that can be used to control people both economically and psychologically. And if such controls are implemented, political control is never far behind. Ultimately, Japanese women were made to feel ashamed for blackening their teeth or having teeth removed in general. Thus, the aesthetic in Japan began to move towards accepting Eurocentric beauty standards alongside the donning of European suiting over traditional Japanese clothing. Modernizing Japan, in their eyes, was about fitting in with what white men wore and how white women presented themselves.

Making A Dental Decision


Therefore when we have a long thought about teeth implants, we need not be judgmental. Most people will endure tooth decay and loss with age, as our bodies begin to change with time. Additionally, many people who give birth will lose their teeth during breast feeding, which means the baby is pulling nutrients from various parts of the body in order to enjoy the most nourishing breast milk. Our bodies are designed to support the making of a new life, and thus sometimes our bodies will sacrifice portions of ourselves that will best buttress and support the needs of the new baby. Right now there is a massive baby formula shortage and undoubtedly mothers who are struggling to breast feed who have already lost teeth in their attempts are being hit hard.

If it is difficult to imagine tooth implants being an integral part of your life, maybe you should take a visit to an elderly person’s home or a nursing home. You will find that many people there have not had their own original teeth for many decades, and they have adapted to having a mouth that is mostly gums featuring very few remaining original teeth. This is as natural as experiencing hair thinning, greying and loss with age. (www.ghgossip.com) Just as you will notice pigmentation in your skin beginning to fade over time as your body stops producing the amount of melanin required to keep your skin’s pigment, your teeth begin to decay naturally as well.

Therefore at some point in your life, you will have to learn more about dentures with implants because you will likely need them in order to continue to enjoy the foods you have always eaten. Luckily, experts like this experienced dentist in Lunenburg are always ready to provide their professional insights. It is worth it to do the research necessary to ensure that you will find the implants that best suit the shape of your mouth and the needs you have as an eater in this world! There are some foods that will always be too difficult to eat as you lose your teeth, regardless of how much dental work you have done. For many people, for example, popcorn is immediately off the table for the rest of their lives! But there are many more foods that you will be able to enjoy forever should you simply do the research to figure out which solution is right for you and your mouth.


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