VR has helped people through the confinement of lockdown

confinement of lockdown

There’s no question that technology plays a central role in our lives, not least during the pandemic. The reality of being trapped inside the same four walls with the same people day after day for over a year hasn’t been the best. Thankfully, virtual reality has enabled people to have a far better existence through the confinement of lockdown.

The ultra-modern technology has changed people’s lives throughout the lockdown by providing an escape from the monotony. And better still, there isn’t a Zoom quiz or an hour-long conversation about your nan’s latest cross stitch project in sight. Here’s how VR has helped.

VR Gaming

Gaming has become a massive part of society. Whether watching the latest eSports competition or catching up with friends on Call of Duty doesn’t matter. The gaming sector is a multi-billion-pound industry with millions of gamers playing around the world at any given time

VR gaming is the present and future of gaming. Whether it’s an Oculus headset or PS VR system, the fully immersive experience takes gaming entertainment to the next level. The four walls of your home can digitally turn into a sports arena, murder scene room, or the ocean. So, aside from the fun of the game itself, it’s nice to get the dirty dishes from the kitchen out of your sight for a few minutes too. Perfect.

VR Relationships

Millions of people have been forced to live apart, creating the long-distance relationship vibe even when only living a few miles away. In truth, not seeing each other as often has probably saved millions of relationships too. Nonetheless, VR experiences have allowed couples to enjoy dates by completing the same task simultaneously. 

The biggest issue for people in relationships, as well as singles, has been a lack of physical intimacy. Luckily, VR platforms like BadoinkVR.com can satisfy people’s fantasies with immersive VR that feels as good as the real thing. And let’s face it, the stars in those videos are better looking than the viewer and their partner. Given the stressful nature of living in lockdown, it has been a major release.

VR Shopping

While many brick-and-mortar shops have experienced enforced closures, online shopping has witnessed a huge spike in popularity. Older generations have slowly opened their eyes to the benefits of having products arrive at their door within 24 hours while millions of others have discovered the true potential of VR shopping. 

VR shopping can be as simple as seeing what a pair of glasses or a new outfit would look like on you by trying it out on screen. Some of the biggest stores have used Matterport tech to create immersive experiences that make up for the loss of in-store shopping experiences. It has helped keep major brands in profit while consumers have enjoyed the chance to experience “in-store” shopping without the hassle of other shoppers.

VR Entertainment

The need for home entertainment has been greater than ever due to being stuck indoors. While Netflix and gaming have been great, people have missed out on sporting events and attending gigs. VR has delivered the next best thing. The Weeknd is just one star who has famously held a VR concert. 

Some sporting events have enabled you to take a virtual seat in the stadium, building upon the success of the BBC’s VR coverage of the FIFA World Cup in 2018. At a time where actually attending live events has been off-limits, the chance to “sit” courtside or ringside has provided a safety net. Being a part of the big game day experience has at least given fans some sense of normality.

VR Fitness

Confinement of Lockdown life has caused most people to live far less active lives. Sadly, sedentary lifestyles take their toll both physically and mentally. Frankly, getting the steps in with a daily walk was fun for about a fortnight. VR tools like Zwift.com allow you to run against people from around the globe in a digital environment. It’s great fun.

Some VR treadmills and bikes use the fully immersive VR experience of wearing a headset. Others are more like an online fitness experience. Either way, the competitive nature provides motivation while the fun side allows you to stay fit without thinking about it. For most, the virtual world is far more exciting than the sweaty gym, not least due to the leering eyes. And the lack of travel is a positive too.

The Final Word

Whether it’s relaxing with BadoinkVR.com, staying fit with Zwift.com, or shopping without a physical store, VR has moved the goalposts forever. The tech was already amazing but has become more accessible and beneficial during the lockdown. And while the world is slowly returning to normal, VR is here to stay.



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