Understanding The Effects Of Drug Addiction On The Family: By Therapists


When we talk about suboxone side effects drug addiction, we only focus on how it affects the patient. However, very rarely do we talk about the ways in which the family is effective.

If the patient is in pain, the family is also under severe mental turmoil!

It is our responsibility to understand their problems and, at the same time, help them overcome these issues. The experts talk about the different methodologies in which they can include the family in the patient’s recovery. 

Rather than keeping the family in the dark, it is always advised to include them in the recovery process as well. They can be a little more educated about the alcohol addiction treatment and will understand what to do when the patient finally returns home.

In this excerpt below will be discussing the two important things.

– The signs and symptoms that someone is going through addiction.

– How drug addiction affects the family.

You will understand why staying sober is so important for your family.

Signs & Symptoms Someone Is Addicted To Drugs

According to experts, these are some of the signs and symptoms you should be careful about when detecting drug addiction in a family.

i. Drastic Loss Of Weight

Weight loss is the first physical symptom anyone would notice about someone battling drug addiction. This is because –

– First, they are unable to get all the nutrients since most of the drugs are consuming them.

– Second, you can plan an intervention or help them find a therapist to start with. There are other options available including seeking professional help from an online suboxone doctor for people suffering opioid use disorder (OUD).

ii. Scratch Marks On Dry Skin

Drugs are known to dehydrate the boy like anything. Thus, no matter how much water you intake, dryness will consume the patient.

The dry skin will soon start getting itchy and make someone prone to painful scratching and infections on the screen.

iii. Track Marks On Inner Elbow Or Thighs

If someone is addicted to drugs like heroin, then they will have needle marks all over their knees and elbows.

These are commonly known as track marks, and they are clear-cut signs that someone is suffering from an addiction.

You sure definitely confront this person if you notice that.

iv. Refusing To Go The Doctor Even Though They Are Sick

They are extremely sick, have major respiratory issues, catching fever more often than not.

These all could be signs of withdrawal when they are not in the vicinity of the drugs.

Thus, if you suspect someone to have fallen into the clutches of drug addiction.

v. No Care To Personal Hygiene

They have completely forgotten the concept of personal hygiene. Forget about hygiene; when any form of self-care is not on their list of a priority anymore, then there is a problem.

This is also your cue to talk to them, do not keep the conversation hanging.

vi. Hidden Stash

This is the last straw,

You will either find burnt spoons or stashes hidden somewhere; it is not a sign. Instead, it is evident that someone in your family is doing drugs.

The Effects Of Drug Addiction On The Family

These are some of the drastic side effects that the family has to deal with when one of the members falls prey to drug addiction.

1. Marital Abuse

Marital abuse is on the rise when someone in the family is under the influence of such substances. Statistically, women are mostly the victim, but there have been cases of women hostility towards their partners as well.

This is why recovery is so important for anyone who is dealing with addiction.

2. Abuse On Child

This is another case of abuse, which we should absolutely abuse. The abuse doesn’t even have to be physical if someone is emotionally or verbally abusing your children while under drugs-

It is time to call upon a recovery center and enroll them in an inpatient rehab center where you can help them heal.

3. Financial Problems

When someone’s body gets dependent on drugs, there isn’t much that they can do about it.

All they want to do is stay in that state of euphoria, but after a few hours, it dies down.

What then?

Well, then they have to buy more. This can take a huge toll on their pocket since they have lost their better judgment and started spending every penny on drugs.

4. Children Getting Prone To Addiction

If children see their parents indulging in drugs, they can get addicted as well.

– First, they are dealing with a lot of mental health trauma because of the situation in the house.

– Second, there isn’t anyone to tell them the adversities of this addiction.

– Third, they also start feeling like drugs are the only coping mechanism.

5. Hostile Behavior Towards Others Leading To Addiction

Hostile behavior towards others can make your family an outcast. Since the patient is unable to think straight, they are more likely to get aggressive with the neighbors and other relatives.

Inpatient rehabilitation centers are the best thing to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions that we often find people asking about drug addiction in the family.

1. How Can A Family Help In Treating Drug Dependent Relatives?

Ans. First, you have to be patient and remember that losing your cool in front of their denial will only make things worse.

Second, you can plan an intervention or help them find a therapist to start with.

Third, enroll them in an inpatient rehabilitation center.

2. What Is The Role Of The Family In the Prevention Of Drug Abuse?

Ans. The role of the family in preventing drug abuse is as follows.

– Tell them about the harmful effects of drugs.

– Educate them about addiction.

– Start the education from an early age.

– Resolve any family conflict.

3. How Can You Involve Family In The Treatment & Recovery Process?

Ans. The family can be involved by resolving family conflicts in regular family therapies.

Get The Right Help Today!

Do not let your family member also be the secondhand prey of your drug addiction!

If they are trying to help you, it is only because they care for you. So, let them!

If you are dealing with someone battling addiction, remember it is not the end, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You just have to keep going!


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