UK COVID-19 Alert Level Moves to 4: Second-Highest Level of Pandemic

UK COVID-19 alert level

The UK COVID-19 alert level upgrades from 3 to 4, which means there is a higher risk of infection now. The chief medical officials are also confirming the fact that COVID infection is rising exponentially. The news of leveling up on the COVID scale comes soon after the UK government’s scientific advisor’s statement. In the same, he mentions that the daily COVID positive figure may rise to 50,000 by mid-October.

In fact, on Monday, September 21, the highest daily figure was recorded at 4,368. It means that there is an increase in the number of infections from 3,899 previously. The British Prime Minister is to make a statement soon. According to Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC editor, the closing time for restaurants, pubs, and other venues will be a maximum of 22:00 hours.

Principal medical officials from England, North Ireland, Wales, and Scotland later officially confirmed the new UK COVID-19 alert level. They stated that cases were rapidly increasing in all of the four countries of the UK during their statement. They further urged everyone to adhere to the government’s safety guidelines. Staying cautious is now the only way to avoid more infections, deaths, and complications. Moreover, following all the safety measures means less pressure on the National Health System during winter and autumn.

The UK COVID-19 alert level needs more effective safety guidelines

According to the words of Matt Hancock, UK’s Health Secretary says that the up-gradation of the alert level brings in a massive threat to the already dangerous situation. He adds that the country is now living at the edge, and everyone must become more responsible. Only then will it be possible to protect human lives and restrict contraction.

Earlier on June 19, the alert level went from 4 to 3, which means that the virus was in general circulation. Besides, people were also hoping for more relaxation on restrictions soon. However, now that the UK COVID-19 alert level is back to 4 again, the PM is gearing up for a Cobra emergency meeting. Leaders of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland will be present in the discussion too.

The latest data shows that London is one of the worst-hit in Northern England at present. Sadiq Khan, Mayor of the Capital, says that there will be no use implementing even the most vigorous measures after it is too late. Therefore, prompt actions must be taken. Doing so will positively affect both the economy as well as public health. At a Downing Street conference earlier, Sir Patrick Vallance said that the pandemic is doubling every week on average. Professor Chris Witty, the chief medical officer, was also present in the conference alongside Vallance.

How do scientists and experts describe the situation?

According to the analysis of health correspondent Nick Triggle, the new alert level is not a surprise. There was a prior warning regarding the same from two of the senior-most pandemic advisers the same day the new COVID update was announced. While infections are rising, some scientists are questioning the analysis of Prof. Witty and Sir Vallance. There are still doubts whether cases will hit a 50,000 daily mark by mid-October. We must consider the probability of infections this season. Besides, the relaxation of lockdown is also giving rise to some of the positive cases.

Countries like Spain and France are not as steep as the worst-case scenario to date. However, the government of the UK wants to take prompt steps this time. Level 4 brings with it a list of extra precautions and protocols. Also, a full lockdown is not in the cards right now because there must be a balance in its economic state. However, educational institutions and a few other places will remain shut.

According to the latest news, there will be restrictions on Northern Ireland households starting from Tuesday, September 22. Besides, extensive areas in West Yorkshire, north-west England, and more will also experience severe limits. Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, confirms that the country will come under certain restrictions within a couple of days. The leaders are hoping that all the four countries will now go into an alignment. However, regulations will be made mandatory even if there is no alignment. The media is yet to learn about more developments discussed in a meeting held on Monday, September 21. In the meeting, Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to the rest of the leaders.


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