Turkey, the ideal destination for medical tourism

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Turkey, the ideal destination for medical tourism

Turkey, the ideal destination for medical tourism. In recent times weight loss surgery abroad is becoming more and more popular, and the preferred one by patients is the gastric balloon in Turkey.

Why is Turkey the perfect destination? The country stands out for its excellent tourist attractiveness, pleasant climate, security, economy and social stability, in addition to having a respectable reputation in the medical field thanks to the rigorous quality controls offered by its private health system.

Turkey is currently one of the best destinations for medical tourism, mainly thanks to the low price of the treatments and the legal requirements that clinics and doctors must meet.

Most of the clinics that dedicate to medical tourism have various international accreditations. The doctors are thoroughly trained, and the clinic staff are trained to communicate with English-speaking patients.

Why is the gastric balloon in Turkey the ideal treatment?

A gastric balloon is a non-surgical treatment for weight loss, and it is an outpatient treatment that does not require hospitalisation or general anaesthesia unless the patient requests it.

Treatment consists of inserting a soft silicone balloon into the stomach, which is then inflated with saline solution and occupies between 40% and 50% of the stomach. The procedure is performed using an endoscope and takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

The gastric balloon is a temporary treatment, lasts between 6 and 12 months, then, the balloon is removed endoscopically.

The complications of a gastric balloon are minimal: Nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and in the worst case, heartburn. These symptoms should disappear within a couple of days after the procedure.

The simplicity of the procedure allows patients to enjoy their stay in Turkey without significant physical discomfort. For this reason, it is the ideal treatment if you also want to enjoy the holidays.

How effective is the gastric balloon?

The balloon is as effective as any other weight loss surgery. Although the procedure is temporary, its effects are permanent since the time the balloon remains in the stomach is sufficient for the patient to adopt healthy eating habits.

The patient’s diet changes occur because the balloon decreases the amount of food that the patient needs to eat to feel satiety. In this way, the portions of food become smaller, and the patient loses weight effectively.


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