True relationships, really or not

relationships that are true

When you think of the relationships that are true, the first thing that comes to your mind is – is it real? Whether you acquire love at first sight or with someone you knew for years, the basis of real relationships involves deep understanding and trust. So what is a real relationship? How do you know it is true? What are the signs of a real relationship?

If you have these questions in mind, you have landed on the right page. This article will help you determine what a real relationship is and how to find out if it’s real or not.

Together with Livetray – an expert in relationships, we try to understand this issue.

What is a True relationship?

When we talk about true love or relationships that are true, we tend to find the topic a bit tricky to define. Those who claim to have achieved the same may also find it hard to explain. Perhaps, we can figure out by examining scenarios, examples, and traits and determine whether loyal relationships exist.

You may think that you are experiencing a genuine relationship and feel passionate about it, but it is rather challenging to determine whether it is real love or your heart is playing a mind’s game. Relationships do have consequences and ones that can change your life forever. While a real relationship can do wonders for you, a bad one can turn the tables and soak up the happiness you tend to seek while having one.

While many believe true love or relationships exist, we at LiveTray have rounded up some indicators that will help you understand your relationship better.

  1. Possessiveness and jealousy

Possessiveness and jealousy

While many feel jealousy is one part of a relationship, true love has to be selfless. If you feel there are possessiveness and control in your relationship, your ship may be heading the other way. Controlling other people is the least you want to have in your relationship, which you must avoid to maintain equal stature between partners.

Negative emotions such as jealousy and possessiveness may arise out of insecurities, which you must avoid at all costs. Relationships that are true involves freedom and trust, which helps you understand each other better; and help you achieve long-term happiness and love.

  1. True relationship is not wanting

True relationship is not wanting

Insecurity in love can lead to developing negative emotions, which will result in possessiveness and control. Your partner may seek your attention or display emotions that he needs you, which is not always bad, but needs can be persuasive and indicate that your relationship is unhealthy.

Being needy can lead to an increase in destructive tendencies, which is a clear indication that your relationship is not working out as it should be. While actions speak louder than words, needs may ruin your romantic relationship and are far from assuring long-term happiness.

  1. True relationship is not changing who we are

relationships that are true

Like we mentioned earlier, possessiveness and jealousy ruin a relationship. Real love must accept the way your lover is. When you ask your lover to change his lifestyle or interests, it translates to control and not love.

Accepting someone the way they are is one of the most significant ingredients for making a satisfying relationship. It is a trait that holds the secret of having a strong relationship with your lover, where both of you treat each other with pride and appreciation. A real relationship must respect each other’s thoughts and opinions and not feel insecure or jealous of others’ appearance or emotions.

  1. True relationship requires attention

relationships that are true

If your lover takes you for granted and makes false promises all the time, your dream of experiencing a real relationship is far from reality. True love requires attention where partners need to work to construct a long-lasting and reliable emotional relation.

Real relationships work out when you have your partner on your priority list, including grand gestures or small ones to make your partner feel that you care for him. However, there is no dedicated guide set for you to achieve a real relationship. It is the moments you spend and share with your partner that helps you build a healthy relationship.

  1. True relationship requires real love

Real love is the base of any real emotional connection and is essential if you want to have a long-term and healthy relation with your partner. Being appreciated and loved is crucial for partners to build a solid emotional structure, and without it, your relationship may see a downward trend.

Real love allows partners to have trust and freedom, which is essential for relationships to last. It helps you relate with your partner, develop confidence and respect, and share equality in individual thoughts and emotions. If you are experiencing real love, you are bound to have a real relationship, but if you are not, then it might be an indicator that you don’t have a healthy relationship.

  1. True relationship makes you feel warm and loved

True relationship makes you feel warm and loved

If you are feeling generous and loved, your relationship is going the right way. As a genuine relationship is an outcome of real love, the feeling of appreciation and love will undoubtedly make their presence felt. A real relationship should make you feel warm and help you develop the strength to overcome challenges.

When you experience real love, you develop inspiration and motivation, helping you achieve feats that you thought were impossible. A real relationship is all about feeling good, and when you have that feeling, it is a strong indication that you have attended true love. But if you think that you are missing those emotions, it is time to give your relationship a reality check.


A real relationship can only blossom when you share equality of trust, freedom, and love with your partner. Unlike films where relationships start and end within hours, having a genuine emotional connection in real life is challenging. We might get influenced by the movies, but what matters is how you put those influences in your life. Besides, real relationships require a lot of work and happen only when you find the right partner.


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